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Changes, May-July 2013


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 May and 31 July 2013.

6 May 2013: The Centrocercus account has be rewritten to take into account that the fossil New Mexican Sage Grouse records may as well pertain to C. minimus as C. urophasianus.

20 May 2013: Two images added: a comparison of the first phalanges of Equus conversidens and E. niobrarensis to the E. niobrarensis account and a Canonical Variates Analysis plot of the first phalanges of E. occidentalis, E. conversidens, and E. niobrarensis.

28 May 2013: A broken link (to Sigmodontinae) fixed.

30 May 2013: Equus conversidens and E. occidentalis accounts changes slightly with the indication that specimen 26-1064 represents E. conversidens (attribution uncertain before).

12 Jun 2013: Equus conversidens, E. niobrarensis, and E. occidentalis moved to same page to allow better comparisons of the three common Wisconsin species.

16 Jun 2013: Year of publication in the literature section corrected for Scott, Stafford, Graham, and Martin: 2010, not 2003. Equus conversidens added to the Shelter Cave account; Equus (small) deleted from the Equus page. Introductory material on the Equus page rewritten and changes (more to come) to the Equus conversidens page.

24 Jun 2013: Major changes have been made to the Equus page and the E. conversidens, including placing the accounts of the latter, E. occidentalis, and E. scotti on the same page; E. niobrarensis is abandoned in favor of E. scotti.

3 July 2013: Image of the navicular of three species of horse added to the Equus page.

24 July 2013: Several records for Equus conversidens have been added and the justification for recognizing Equus scotti from the Rancholabrean has been reworded somewhat to better describe the situation with the ectoflexid and isthmus in lower molars.

29 July 2013: Horse records brought up to date, including E. occidentalis records along with distribution maps.

30 Jul 2013: Horse changes added to site accounts. Equus occidentalis from Beyond Bison Chamber replaced by E. scotti (measurement error).


Last Update: 30 Jul 2013