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Changes, Nov 2013 - Jan 2014


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 Nov 2013 and 31 January 2014.

3 Nov 2013: Taxon accounts for the Térapa fauna are slowly being added.

5 Nov 2013: Taxon accounts for Térapa have been established or updated. La Brisca site (Sonora) has been added and taxon accounts started.

8 Nov 2013: Taxon accounts that include a record from La Brisca have now been updated to reflect this. Several Sonoran sites have been added, but taxa accounts not updated.

13 Nov 2013: The first run-through on Sonoran sites has been completed. The taxon accounts will be updated from these in the next few days.

22 Nov 2013: The easy sites from Chihuahua and Sonora and their taxa accounts have been completed. There undoubtedly will be more to add eventually, but for the time being I am concentrating on the other three states of the project: Southern California, southern Nevada, and Baja California Norte.

28 Nov 2013: Rancho La Brea has been added to the sites, thought taxon accounts have not be updated. Some changes to the Rancho La Brea account are anticipated, but significant changes will be noted here.

29 Nov 2013: Brief additions to the general description of Rancho La Brea and a bit of cleanup has been done.

30 Nov 2013: Taxa accounts for the fish and amphibians from Rancho La Brea have been updated.

1 Dec 2013: Taxa accounts for turtles and reptiles from Rancho La Brea through Diadophis have been updated.

2 Dec 2013: Bird taxa accounts done through the Teratornithidae.

3 Dec 2013: First listing done for Carpenteria. Transfer of Strix brea to Oraristrix brea noted and changes made in site and taxa accounts, including disallowing Oraristrix brea from La Brisca.

5 Dec 2013: The first draft for McKittrick has been completed.

7 Dec 2013: Taxa accounts for Rancho La Brea taxa now are in place through Bubo virginianus. For the most parts, taxa new to this volume only have the age, map, site, and literature citation; further details will be added at a later date.

9 Dec 2013: Taxa accounts for Rancho La Brea taxa now are in place through Bombycilla cedrorum.

22 Dec 2013: Have slowly been working on getting taxa accounts up to date with Rancho La Brea; now through Pilosa.

29 Dec 2013: Taxon accounts for Rancho La Brea and Carpinteria completed. McKittrick started.

1 Jan 2014: Taxon accounts for McKittrick finished. There will be odds and ends added to these sites, but the major outlines are now online.

4 Jan 2014: Several sites added and associated taxon accounts done. Taxon accounts for Maricopa and Los Angeles (sites except Rancho La Brea grouped under that name) not done; Los Angeles sites still being compiled.

7 Jan 2014: Los Angeles County sites have been split into three pages to keep page size manageable. The first of these (Los Angeles A-E) is now roughed out.

9 Jan 2014: The Los Angeles County sites have now been roughed out.

12 Jan 2014: Taxon accounts for Maricopa have been completed. Because of the large number of sites within the relatively restricted area of Los Angles County, listings for Los Angeles County in a taxon account will be only to the county level except for sites having 10 or more taxa (admittedly an arbitrary decision).

13 Jan 2014: Century City and Lincoln Avenue sites have been established as separate accounts and associated taxon accounts have been done.

16 Jan 2014: San Pedro Lumber Co. and San Pedro Lumber Yard have been established as separate accounts and associated taxon accounts are being entered. Huachuca Mountains Cave, with a record of Ursus cf. arctos has been added together with the taxon account.

17 Jan 2014: Taxon accounts associated with the San Pedro Lumber sites have been updated. The Naval Fuel Reserve Quarry has been established as a separate account and updating associated taxon accounts is underway.

18 Jan 2014: Naval Housing Unit added as a separate account and associated taxon accounts updated.

19 Jan 2014: Orange Co. roughout is finished. Costeau Pit site added.

30 Jan 2014: The remainder of the taxon accounts for Orange Co. have been finished.


23 Jan 2014: Orange County, CA, sites are now roughed out. Associated taxon accounts have been updated for all but Costeau Pit, Emery Borrow Pit,Bedford Properties, and Newport Bay.

28 Jan 2014: Roughout of Riverside Co. sites completed and taxon accounts through reptiles completed. Currently working on taxon accounts of birds.

Last Update: 30 Jan 2014