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Changes, October - December 2009


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 Oct and 31 December 2009.

1 Oct 2009: Broken and missing literature citation links on the "Environments" pages have been fixed.

2 Oct 2009: A photograph of the entrance to Sandia Cave has been added to the Sandia Cave site account.

3 Oct 2009: An image of the first upper right molar of fossil Yellow-nosed Cotton Rat (Sigmodon ochrognathus) was added to that account and a locality added.

4 Oct 2009: Updates in regard to Sigmodon ochrognathus have been made in the Fowlkes and Pratt caves and in the species account.

11 Oct 2009: Lost Valley identification of Ictidomys/Xerospermophilus sp. changed to Ictidomys tridecemlineatus.

16 Oct 2009: Google Earth view of Pendejo Cave location and surrounding region added to the site account; new identifications of Sigmodon also added to the site account and some wording changed.

25 Oct 2009: The change of our species from the genus Leptotyphlops to Rena has been incorporated into the taxonomic account.

27 Oct 2009: Changed the Dust Cave account to suggest that records of three taxa actually pertain to Lower Sloth Cave.

28 Oct 2009: Corrected an error in the caption of Fig. 7 of Stockoceros (reference in caption refers to Fig. 6, not Fig. 3).

30 Oct 2009: Descriptive material for Upper Sloth Cave added.

31 Oct 2009: Pink Panther Cave added to the site accounts. The name of Eumeces in the species and site accounts changed to Plestiodon in conformity with the Center for North American Herpetology.

2 Nov 2009: One word added to the Upper Sloth Cave account to clarify that a sample was of plant material, not matter dated by radiocarbon.

3 Nov 2009: An error in dating of Lower Sloth Cave has been corrected.

9 Nov 2009: In the U-Bar Cave account: Literature Cited: Johnson 1965 corrected to Johnson 1961.

24 Nov 2009: A link that apparently no longer exists has been removed from the Equus niobrarensis page.

27 Nov 2009: Xerospermophilus spilosoma added to the Dark Canyon Cave fauna.

30 Nov 2009: In a change to snake classification, Heterodon nasicus has been changed from a member of the Xenodontidae to the Dipsadidae. Changes associated with this switch have been made in the indices and the species account of Heterodon nasicus.

9 Dec 2009: corrected a citation on the Pilosa page (Agogino 1972 to Agogino and Stevens 1972).

28 Dec 2009: Name change for Sceloporus undulatus (to S. cowlesi) made (Leaché 2009). Lampropeltis getula, Pituophis catenifer, and Heterodon nasicus added to Test Trench II site.

30 Dec 2009: Taxonomic section on the Bufonidae added to in light of research apparently showing that members formerly assigned to the genus Bufo cannot be identified to the species level.


Last Update: 30 Dec 2009