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Changes, October-December 2010


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 Oct and 31 December 2010.

1 Oct 2010: Mystery Light Cave has been added to the site accounts and the appropriate faunal accounts up-dated accordingly.

2 Oct 2010: A National Park Service drawing of a Camelops skull and a photograph of a mounted skeleton of Capromeryx minor have been added to the taxon accounts.

9 Oct 2010: Changes have been made to the Sylvilagus page. Commentary on identification has been redone and images of the lower third premolars have been added.

23 Oct 2010: The Sylvilagus page and basic statistics page for Sylvilagus have major changes after remeasuring and reanalyzing modern and fossil specimens. Likewise, the discussion regarding cottontail rabbits has extensive changes.

24 Oct 2010: Two outliers on the principal components and cluster analysis graphs posted on the 23rd have been reexamined; both are young and have been removed from the analyses; The anomalous S. audubonii specimen on the S. audubonii versus S. nuttallii principal components analysis has been reexamined and found to have been misrecorded. All graphs have been redone.

14 Nov 2010: Considerable more work has been done with Sylvilagus and the generic account has been substantially rewritten and with several plots redone based on additional specimens. Species and site accounts have not been updated as yet, however.

23 Dec 2010: Both the generic account and the accounts of species of Sylvilagus have been substantially changed.


Last Update: 23 Dec 2010