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Changes, October - December 2011


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 October and 31 December 2011.

1 Oct 2011: Anthony Gap Cave added to Urocyon cinereoargenteus account (inadvertently omitted earlier).

3 Oct 2011: The Caballo occurrence of Navahoceros changed from "?" to "cf." Although Table 1 of Morgan et al. (2011) lists as "?", the text treatment treats as "cf." "Cueva Las Cruces", as the type locality of Navahoceros lascrucensis has been removed from the site accounts since evidence (see Morgan et al. 2011) indicates the actual recovery of the specimen was from either La Union or Adobe Ranch strata.

19 Oct 2011: A brief introduction to the Talpidae and an image contrasting a domestic cat humerus to that of a mole have been added.

23 Oct 2011: A dorsal view of the mandible with m/1 and m/2 of Lemmiscus curtatus has been added to the Lemmiscus account.

24 Oct 2011: View of the palate of a mid-Wisconsin American Porcupine added to the Erethizon dorsata account.

30 Oct 2011: Several changes to the faunal list of Baldy Peak Cave. Microtus ? montanus is withdrawn and Microtus mogollonensis is added, as is Lepus sp. and Sylvilagus audubonii/floridanus.

1 Nov 2011: An error on the Thomomys page has been corrected. The original statement regarding indentations on the molars indicated m/2 and m/3; this has been corrected to m/1 and m/2. Two new images have been added to the Thomomys account along with text further discriminating between T. bottae and T. talpoides.

3 Nov 2011: Several images useful in separating Lemmiscus from Microtus have been added to the Lemmiscus account, along with associated textual material.

16 Nov 2011: A number of new taxa added to the Sierra Diablo Cave account and taxon accounts updated accordingly.

23 Nov 2011: Marmota flaviventris and Erethizon dorsata added to the Sierra Diablo site account and the taxon accounts of those species updated.

12 Dec 2011: Ambystoma mavortium, Phrynosoma cornutum, Fulica americana, Geococcyx californianus, Nothrotheriops shastensis, and Ursus americanus added to the Sierra Diablo Cave site account and species accounts updated accordingly.

13 Dec 2011: The photo of a cave entrance in the Muskox Cave account turns out to be of a different cave and has been removed (thanks due to Dale Pate, who caught the error).


Last Update: 13 Dec 2011