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Changes, April - June 2009


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 April and 30 June 2009.

11 Apr 2009: Images and text added to Myotis rectidentis account.

17 Apr 2009: Amphibian nomenclature has been updated to agree with that of the Center for North American Herpetology. Changes in menus and account: The toad genus Bufo has been divided into two genera in our region, Anaxyrus and Ollotis (Nearctic Toads and Middle American Toads, respectively), with Bufo being limited to the Eastern Hemisphere. The frog genus Rana has been divided into Rana (Pacific True Frogs) and Lithobates (North American True Frogs); only the latter genus occurs in our region.

29 Apr 2009: A line was added to "Taxa Introduction" regarding changes in taxonomic names after the publication date of the mammalian standard.

2 May 2009: In the Introduction, the material on radiocarbon dating has been expanded somewhat. Major changes have been made in the ground squirrel accounts with lesser changes in the sciurid account. The ground squirrels generally placed in the genus Spermophilus are now distributed in a number of genera, including Callospermophilus, Ictidomys, Otospermophilus, Urocitellus, and Xerospermophilus. Accounts have been changed accordingly, though site lists have not yet been changed.

3 May 2009: Nomenclatural changes (Lithobates for Rana and the changes to Spermophilus have been extended to the site lists and the search index has been updated.

6 May 2009: Bonfire Shelter, Val Verde Co., TX, added to the sites. Taxa accounts have not yet been updated (awaiting an interlibrary loan).

8 May 2009: Cueva Quebrada, Val Verde Co., TX, added to the site accounts and taxa added to taxa accounts, including a new species account (Baiomys taylori).

9 May 2009: Photograph added to Mammut americanum and locality added. "El Paso" site added and taxa accounts for taxa occurring in El Paso updated.

11 May 2009: An overview and more detailed images were added to the Bonfire Shelter site account.

12 May 2009: Minor changes to the Bonfire Shelter account, including adding a reference.

13 May 2009: Paragraph added to Tapirus account regarding taxonomy and photograph of extant South American Tapir added.

22 May 2009: Some material added regarding chronology to the Introduction.

23 May 2009: Latest dates (from Fiedel 2009) available for survival of megafaunal taxa involved in the terminal Pleistocene extinction event have been added to the Mammuthus columbi, Equus and Equus conversidens, Bootherium bombifrons, Camelops, Platygonus, Mylohyus, Arctodus simus, Mammut americanum, Nothrotheriops shastensis, Oreamnos harringtoni, and Euceratherium accounts.

26 May 2009: Photographs added and some revision of text to Anthony Cave (Anthony Gap Cave).

27 May 2009: Stockoceros conklingi added to Animal Fair site list, Felis concolor changed to Puma concolor, and minor emendations.

28 May 2009: Khulo Site and Aden Fumarole accounts with Google Earth photos added and accounts revised.

28 May 2009: Additional material added to the Microtus montanus account and minor changes to M. mogollonensis account.

30 May 2009: Added recently identified Canis latrans to the faunal list for Camel Room (Dry Cave) and to species accounts.

31 May 2009: Further comments on distribution of Neotoma mexicana in the late Wisconsin and Holocene have been added to that species account.

2-3 June 2009: Added interpretive material to the Animal Fair site account; deleted Canis ? dirus since reexamination suggests that more likely C. lupus; changed Peromyscus cf. maniculatus to Peromyscus sp.; added Vulpes macrotis to species list. Also up-dated nomenclature of Bufo (to Anaxyrus or Ollotis, depending on species) throughout.

4 June 2009: Anthony Gap Cave specimen tentatively identified as Urocyon cinereoargenteus has been reexamined and identification confirmed. The text for the Balcony Room site has been partially rewritten for clarity, the illustration likewise modified for clarity, and the nomenclature of several taxa updated. Nomenclature was up-dated and minor text changes to the Beyond Bison Chamber site.

5 June 2009: Big Manhole Cave: certainty of identification changed for several antilocaprids, some text added and images of carnivore digestive juices on a Bison second phalanx added. Microtus longicaudus is withdrawn from the faunal list of Bison Chamber.

6 June 2009: Some interpretive text added to the Bison Chamber account. Some text and several taxa, possibly Holocene, added to the Boyd's Cave account. Additional taxa in the UTEP collections added to the Camel Room account. Equus niobrarensis added to the faunal list of the Circus Route account. UTEP records have been added to the faunal list for Dark Canyon Cave.

7 June 2009: A cautionary statement regarding bird identifications has been added to the Aves Introduction page. Records of Ictidomys tridecemlineatus from the Dry Cave sites are switched to tentative identification (the other possibility being Xerospermophilus spilosoma). Several changes to the Harris' Pocket site faunal list were made and several paragraphs of interpretation added.

8 June 2009: Some textual changes in the Howell's Ridge Cave site account.

9 June 2009: Minor format changes to the Human Corridor site account. Isleta Cave No. 1 and No. 2 accounts with textual changes and with segregation of taxa not accepted as Pleistocene. Citation corrected (Metcalf 1964 to Metcalf 1971) in Anthony Gap Cave account.

13 June 2009: Changes were made to the discussion in the Lost Valley site account and several changes in the fauna (withdrawal of Nyctinomops, addition of Stockoceros and Odocoileus); faunal accounts for these updated.

15 Jun 2009: Faunal list updated for Pit N&W Animal Fair, with some discussion added. Coragyps occidentalis and Sylvilagus sp. added to the Rick's Cenote site. Panthera atrox, listed in error for the Room of the Vanishing Floor, has been removed from the taxon account. Several changes to the faunal list in the Room of the Vanishing Floor site account have been made and some text has been changed.

16 Jun 2009: Specimen numbers added to figure captions for Corvus cryptoleucus.

17 Jun 2009: Fig. 2 in the Stockoceros account has been replaced with a figure based on more data, and the discussion has been up-dated.

18 Jun 2009: Antilocaprid specimen from the Beyond Bison Chamber site re-examined and identification changed to Cf. Stockoceros, with appropriate changes to taxon and site accounts. Colaptes auratus added to TT II faunal list.

22 Jun 2009: Corrected a citation in the Gymnogyps californianus account (Steadman and Miller 1987, not Emslie and Miller 1987).

24-27 Jun 2009: The faunal list and text of the U-Bar Cave site account have been updated with various additions and emendations. Taxon accounts changed to agree with changes. Corrected link on "Anura" page that went to an earlier version of Bufonidae. Image added to Spilogale account.

28 Jun 2009: Incorrect synonym removed from Chaetodipus intermedius account.

30 Jun 2009: The site account for Pendejo Cave has been extensively reworked.


Last Update: 30 Jun 2009