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Changes, April - June 2011


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 April and 30 June 2011.

9 Apr 2011: Image of living Sigmodon ochrognathus added to its species account.

21 Apr 2011: Estimate of start of the Rancholabrean Land Mammal Age revised to something less than about 250 kya.

22 Apr 2011: Hord Rock Shelter added; faunal accounts of horse and shrub ox updated with records from Hord Rock Shelter.

23 Apr 2011: Archuleta Creek added to sites and added to Bison antiquus account.

26 Apr 2011: Added several measurements of Stockoceros elements from the literature to the antilocaprid measurements page.

30 Apr 2011: Added "Frank 1968" to the literature links in Bonfire Shelter.

3 May 2011: A slightly expanded section on distribution is added to the Vulpes account and an omitted tentative record from Pendejo Cave is added to the account.

8 May 2011: A short paragraph regarding the fossil plant record at Pendejo Cave has been added.

18 May 2011: The specimen identified as ? Brachyprotoma has been re-identified as Cf. Spilogale, removing Brachyprotoma from the taxa identified from the region. The heading has been retained in the account of species with the explanation as to why the identification is withdrawn.

9 May 2011: A line has been added to the Spilogale account noting that the western and eastern species are separated by reproductive factors.

27 May 2011: A map of the modern distribution of Macrotus californicus has been added to the account of that species, and comments regarding distribution have been added.

30 May - 1 Jun: I have added a number of overlooked localities and taxa from Van Devender and Bradley (1990). Localities new or with changes are Quitman Mountains, Steeruwitz Hills, Bennett Ranch, Baby Vulture Den, Ernst Tinaja, Shafter Midden, and Tunnel View). Taxa considered by them and thus resulting in additions and changes to taxon accounts are Cynomys cf. gunnisoni, Xerospermophilus cf. spilosoma, Chaetodipus sp., Dipodomys merriami/ordii, Perognathus sp., Lepus sp., Sylvilagus sp., Sylvilagus cf. audubonii, Sylvilagus cf. robustus, Neotoma cf. leucodon, Onychomys sp., Peromyscus sp., Antrozous pallidus, and Odocoileus sp.

7 Jun 2011. Images of fossil specimens of Crotaphytus collaris and Phrynosoma hernandesi were added to those accounts.

9 Jun 2011: Three images were added to the site account of Conkling Cavern and a few, very inadequate lines added to the acknowledgement section.

12 Jun 2011: Ambystoma mavortium added to the Conkling Cavern account.

22 Jun 2011: Photograph of the entrance area of Ceremonial Cave added.


Last Update: 22 Jun 2011