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Changes, January to March 2011


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 Jan and 31 Mar 2011.

2 Jan 2011: The foreword and Introduction have been split to separate pages. Minor changes in the text of the Introduction have been made along with a few stylistic changes.

21 Jan 2011: A newspaper article noting the occurrence of Cuvieronius near Mesquite, NM, has been added to the textual material of the species account. Because the article is the only notation in the literature, the occurrence has not been otherwise entered.

7 Feb 2011: Several photographs from 1970 have been added to the Dry Cave introduction page and some textual changes and additions made. A photograph of excavations in 1970 has been added to the Balcony Room account as has a photograph from Dark Canyon Cave. Two photographs of the Camel Room deposits have been added. A photograph of Stalag 17 deposits and some textual changes and additions have been made to the Stalag 17 account.

8 Feb 2011: Some changes to the texts of the Equus niobrarensis and E. occidentalis accounts have been made due to a 2010 publication providing full evidence that the holotype of E. laurentius is a modern, domesticated horse.

4 Mar 2011: Minor changes in the species list for the Mesilla C site page and addition of a probable extinction date for Stegomastodon have been entered.

13 Mar 2011: A comment added to the Puma concolor account noting the possibility that the present North American population of that species may be due to repopulation from South America following extinction of North American populations at the time of the Pleistocene megafaunal extinction. Comments of the size (mass) of the two regional species of Smilodon also were added to their accounts.

14 Mar 2011: The title and page numbers of a reference for Miracinonyx (Barnett et al. 2005) have been corrected.

19 Mar 2011: A probable late Blancan occurrence of Cynomys has been added to the Cynomys account.

26 Mar 2011: Added catalogue number and location data to Fig. 1 caption, Vulpes macrotis/velox.

31 Mar 2011: Gopherus agassizii added to the Conkling Cavern account and the site to the taxon account. Map for Terrapene ornata updated to agree with listed localities.


Last Update: 31 Mar 2011