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Changes, January to March 2012


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 Jan and 31 Mar 2012.

11 Jan 2012: Images of modern Yellow-headed Blackbirds and Red-winged Blackbird have been added to the taxon accounts.

17 Jan 2012: An image (a carpometacarpus) has been added to the Petrochelidon account along with textual additions.

20 Jan 2012: A third image of Camel Room deposits has been added, and a surface view of Bison Sink (source of deposits for several Dry Cave sites) has been added to TTII (loc. 54).

26 Jan 2012: Several herptiles added to the Sierra Diablo Cave list and Salvadora withdrawn.

27 Jan 2012: Removed the "cf." from Phrynosoma modestum and Petrochelidon fulva/pyrrhonota in Sierra Diablo taxon list. Location map added to the Fowlkes Cave site account. Geococcyx californianus conklingi added to the Sierra Diablo list and taxon account updated (including correcting an incorrect specific epithet in a couple places). Taxon accounts of herptiles added yesterday have been updated.

3 Mar: Currently updating the menu system to get rid of frames; this will take a while. In the meantime, some pages will have both the frames menu at top and somewhere below, a link to "Main Menu" (as seen on this page).

6 Mar: Corrected sentence in Peromyscus pectoralis account that originally read "The lower jaws of P. pectoralis and P. pectoralis are similar and overlap to a degree in discriminant analyses." by replacing the first P. pectoralis with P. boylii. Also corrected the link from the Cricetidae account to the Sigmodontinae account (before correction, omitted the Bensonomys accounts.

11 Mar: Finished converting from frames. Among other things, the "back" button now should give better results.

12 Mar: Added a section in the Sigmodon ochrognathus account on discrimination between the lower first molars of S. hispidus and S. ochrognathus. Comparison with newly accessioned modern Gymnogyps californianus skeletal material has allowed definite identification of the taxon from Sierra Diablo Cave. Cf. Bubo virginianus, Bassariscus astutus, and Onychomys arenicola have been added to the Sierra Diablo list.

14 Mar: Bonfire Shelter account has been redone with an additional citation. Links to pdf files have been added to some of the citations in the Literature Cited pages.

15 Mar: Sylvilagus account redone in part with changes due to a new publication.

15 Mar: Drawing of the Great Horned Owl has been replaced by a photograph from within our region.


Last Update: 16 Mar 2012