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Changes, July to September 2012


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 July and 30 September 2012.

6-7 Jul 2012: Faunal identifications added to the Dust Cave account; taxon accounts updated with these data. Some changes in text were made to the site account and to several taxon accounts, especially Neotoma mexicana. Changes also were made to the site accounts of Upper Sloth Cave and Lower Sloth Cave; Sorex merriami was added to the faunal list of the latter site, after Harris and Hearst 2012.

13 Jul 2012: Sierra Diablo Cave account updated in text and in faunal list; Oreamnos harringtoni account updated with a further record (Sierra Diablo Cave) and specimen image.

18 Aug 2012: Added Sacramento Mountains to site accounts and changed Mesilla Basin B to La Union in the Trachemys account.

19 Aug 2012: Taxa added to the Balcony Room account with appropriate additions to species accounts: Pseudacris triseriata, Aspidoscelis, Chaetodipus hispidus, Dipodomys merriami/ordii, Neotoma mexicana, Thomomys talpoides, and Sylvilagus nuttallii.

25 Aug 2012: Supposed record of the SAM Cave morphotype of Lemmiscus curtatus from Dark Canyon Cave is withdrawn as mistaken.

17 Sep 2012: Major rewrite of the Neotoma mexicana account and addition of that taxon to the Animal Fair site faunal list.

18 Sep 2012: The year of a citation in the Arctodus pristinus account was corrected and the site name changed to reflect current usage.

30 Sep 2012: Missing citation added to the Literature Cited section: Haynes and Agogino, 1986: Geochronology of Sandia Cave.


Last Update: 30 Sep 2012