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Changes, May through July 2014


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 May and 31 July 2014.

1 May: Taxon accounts associated with Gypsum Cave have been updated.

3 May: Working on Tule Springs (Las Vegas Fm).

8 May: Working on taxon accounts associated with Tule Springs. Also have added Pumilovis richwhitei to the 111 Ranch fauna.

13 May: Completed taxon accounts associated with Tule Springs. Added and changed some taxa for Valley Wells and corrected associated taxon accounts and maps (wrong "Valley Wells" originally was mapped).

14 May: An image was placed in the Taxa Introduction to illustrate the dots used to denote information on the taxon maps.

16 May: Currently going through in order (fish, amphibians, etc.) with minor textual additions and emendations and, in a few cases, adding graphics. Currently up to Anniella (Legless Lizards).

24 May: Distribution maps for the taxon accounts now have been standardized. Several family-level records have been removed.

28 May: Working with Valley Wells, Kokoweef Cave, and Antelope Cave: text and addition of taxa, etc. Also updating the taxon accounts associated with these sites. The Myotis californicus account somehow got eliminated; back now. The Antelope Cave-associated taxon accounts are not yet updated.

3 Jun: Antelope Cave-associated taxon accounts done. Tecopa Lake Beds site and taxon accounts done.

8 June: Taxa Introduction reworked. Several places where Rana had not been replaced by Lithobates corrected. With the splitting of Actinemys into two species, fossils from our region now fall into the geographic range of A. pallida instead of A. marmorata. On the assumption that the geographic ranges of the fossil species were similar to those of today, A. marmorata has been changed to A. pallida throughout.

11 Jun: A number of minor changes (typos corrected, species authors added, sentences rewritten for clarity, etc.). Image of Kinosternon sonoriense added to that account.

12 Jun: Photograph of Pacific Loon added to that account. Minor additions and changes to taxon accounts.

9 Jun: Sentence added to Terrapene carolina account. A new paragraph has been added to Nomenclature in the Taxa Introduction.

20 Jun: Continued to correct typos, etc., through Strigiformes. Two extinct owls updated with publication citation (formerly "in press").

1 Jul: Continued to correct typos, etc., through Sciuridae. Text added to Euphagus magnirostris. Original descriptions and illustrations added to Spermophilus cochisei and Otospermophilus bensoni.

6 Jul: Continuing with correcting typos, minor textual changes, etc. Also added comments to Dipodomys compactus and added subgeneric names and synonyms on the Geomys page.

22 Jul: Continuing going through for typos, etc. (through Lagomorpha). Have added several descriptions of species from the original naming of the species. Also have added the Sonoran site El Fin Del Mundo (late Wisconsin Cuvieronius in association with Clovis culture).

23 Jul: The Notiosorex page has been rather extensively reworked.

28 Jul: Corrected location of Lake Manix on the site map and changed the color of the dot for Miracinonyx trumani to red.


Last Update: 28 Jul 2014