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Last Updated on March 14, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Originally published March 14, 2017

By UC Staff

UTEP Communications

A senior studying international politics, Hala treasures the creative, open and accepting environment that UTEP has given her to grow personally and professionally.

Hala Abdel-Jaber
Hala Abdel-Jaber

Name: Hala Abdel-Jaber

Classification: Senior

Major: International Politics

What have you enjoyed most about studying here?

UTEP’s open environment. Classes are engaging and the passion of professors draws students in and makes them want to learn and participate. Professors are constantly challenging their students and they create a setting that allows students to feel welcome no matter their background. The diversity of our campus is truly unique because it illustrates the culture of El Paso as a whole.

Favorite places to study or relax on campus:

Study-wise, my go-to place is the library – it's a cliché but it allows for me to focus while I’m surrounded by all of the resources I need. One of my favorite places to relax is Centennial Plaza; it's such a beautiful and unique aspect of our campus. Seeing students sitting or playing football really illustrates that we have another beautiful place to enjoy on our campus. The fountains are my favorite part of the plaza; it’s so peaceful to sit by and just read a book or hang out.

What’s a hands-on learning experience that you treasure?

The UTEP environment is one that promotes a level of professionalism. Professors encourage participation of their students, whether it be in the classroom or the community. Professors try and engage students in outside lectures, going to museums or other resources to gain outside perspectives while simultaneously having students develop learning techniques, pushing students to think for themselves.

What advice do you have for an incoming UTEP student?

Take advantage of every opportunity you are offered. UTEP is a campus with many doors for their students and it's up to you to put your best foot forward. Do something completely out of your comfort zone; you never know what it will lead to and how it can better you as a person. Involvement is what makes your college career memorable, whether it is joining a sorority/fraternity, applying for an internship, getting a job or joining an organization that does not correlate with your major.