School of Nursing History

Our History

By 1970 it was apparent that diploma schools needed to change to academic programs and Hotel Dieu Scholl of Nursing was no exception. Hotel Dieu School of Nursing had prepared 1,076 nurses for graduation for the El Paso region in seventy-six years. The school was sold to the University of Texas at Austin System and it became one of the six UT system schools of nursing headquartered in Austin, Texas. Schools were located in Austin, Galveston, San Antonio, El Paso, Arlington and Houston.

As a part of UTEP, the college offered a bachelor of science in nursing and had a graduate program leading to a Master of Science degree in nursing. By the time the school became disengaged from UT systems school of nursing in 1976. It was reorganized into the College of Nursing. A master's program in nursing was added.

In 1979 the administration of the allied health program was transferred to the college of nursing and several programs were moved from main campus to the allied health program of the college of nursing. The name of the college was changed to the college of nursing and allied health. Programs which were transferred to the allied health program were medical technology (now CLS), speech, hearing and language disorders, health sciences and kinesiology. Occupational therapy and physical therapy classes were two cooperative programs with the University of Texas medical branch at Galveston. Both of these later become UTEP programs in 1997. The University of Texas health Sciences center at Houston offered a master of science in public health at the UTEP campus. The UT Austin College of Pharmacy in cooperation with UTEP, offered two professional degrees in pharmacy.

UTEP college of nursing and health sciences became the University of Texas college of health sciences with a school of nursing and a school of allied health in the summer of 1998.