School of Nursing SimLab

Located in the Health Sciences and Nursing building at UTEP, the state-of-the-art Simulation Lab is a 16,000 square-foot facility featuring nine simulation laboratories; an apartment-style setting with bedroom furniture, kitchen and bathroom; four testing rooms; and six standardized patient rooms where students train in “real life” scenarios dealing with home health care, maternity, respiratory and cardiovascular care, and medical surgical care in a safe learning environment. All of the labs are equipped with video cameras, which are monitored in the control room where faculty can evaluate their students.

The 54-bed facility is one of the largest university-based simulation centers in the country. The Sim Lab is designed to allow students to develop competency in safely managing priority areas of care through the use of state-of-art technology.

The SimLab is helping change the face of health care education. By authoring innovations such as the Simulated Hospital Day, the Faculty Playbook, the Alternative Clinical Experience (ACE) and the Mine Shaft – Skills Challenge, we are providing nursing students with unique and invaluable experiences not offered at other institutions.

SimLab Highlights

  • Simulated Hospital Days – Students practice their skills on standardized patients. With help from community partners such as physicians and nurses, student nurses assess their patients, take vital signs, give medications, and transport patients to a procedure.
  • Alternative Clinical Experience – Students are challenged to utilize psycho motor skills and clinical judgement during scenario based activities.
  • Mine Shaft-Skills Challenge – Students participate in activities where they compete for prizes.
  • Open Lab – Students are given the opportunity to improve their nursing skills through practice. When available, an instructor is on hand to assist.
  • Academic Coaching – a course specific learning activity to reinforce didactic content and enhance knowledge, academic coaching covers a variety of topics that are beneficial to improving overall nursing education.

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The SimLab is open to schools and other organizations, to provide insight into the lab. This tour opportunity enables the SimLab to showcase the use of its top quality equipment in hopes to enlighten perspective nursing students and fellow community partners.

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