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We are excited to announce the launch of a multi-year building transformation campaign that will help us better serve our growing community – both on and off the UTEP campus. The Rubin Center has expanded its programming and outreach to host more than 12,000 visitors each year throughexhibitions, educational opportunitiesand more than 80 free public events annually. Thank you for being a part of our success!

I want to invite you to join us today in the first stage of the campaign – The Square – a multi-use venue designed by In-Situ Architecture that will replace the Rubin Center auditorium which suffered extensive flood damage in 2017.

The Square expands on our  commitment to being the place where contemporary art meets contemporary life. This space will feature a stage suitable for lectures and performances with state-of-the art technology for image, sound and film. It continues to provide a venue for interdisciplinary programs, lectures and artists talks, but will also feature modular furniture for that will allow for workshops, collaborative learning and a wide range of events for students and community members.

The design of The Square will reflect the special mix of audiences and activities that has come to define the Rubin Center.  Join me and help us continue to grow our vibrant community by supporting the Rubin Center today. Your generosity will make a real impact in the lives of UTEP students and expand the experience of contemporary culture at the border.

Warmest regards,

Kerry Doyle


UTEP Students at the Square

Students are at the heart of contemporary life at the Rubin Center. Your donation will help us to build a space for students to meet with visiting artists, study and collaborate, attend hands-on workshops and to engage with a range of activities featuring local, national and international voices in the field of visual arts and beyond.


Community Connections

The Rubin Center hosts scores of English and Spanish programs and events for local artists, high school students, K-12 educators, senior citizens, children and families and many other visitors from throughout our border cities. You can help us expand our outreach and create a welcoming, multi-use space for diverse audiences, strengthening the connections between campus and community.


Contemporary Conversations

The Rubin Center specializes in creating contemporary conversations that mix international thinkers with local voices in a wide range of interdisciplinary topics. Renovating our facility will accommodate lecture by leading arts professionals from around the world and offer more contemporary dance, music and film programs. You can help us build a space to share ideas and build connections, creating real-life encounters that help us understand our world today.