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Curated by Community Curator Ramon Cardenas
L Gallery
Virtual Opening January 2021

Jellyfish Colectivo consists of Atenas Campbell, Pilo Portillo, and Kukui Herrera. Their work includes murals, paintings, digital illustrations, animations, and sculptures of abstract creatures, characters, and animals, with hand scrawled words in their particularly colorful and (graphicly) bold style. The combination of the stylized and realistic, the magical and the everyday, is influenced by their life on the border where things are not as they seem and the things you see mask hidden truths or lies.

Manipulation is a site-specific installation commissioned by the Rubin Center. In this new series of works, Jellyfish Colectivo transform the L-Gallery with graphic imagery and visual animations painted and projected directly on the walls, wooden sculptures, and expressive large-scale paintings that results in an immersive environment full of color that evoke a multitude of expressions that call for the viewer to decipher its meanings.

Manipulation: Conversation with Community Curator Ramon Cardenas and Pilo Pida of Jellyfish

Rubin Center Community Curator Ramon Cardenas in conversation with Pilo Pida, lead artist of Jellyfish Colectivo discussing the collaboration and the creative process behind their new site-specific installation, Manipulation. Produced in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pilo talked about challenges and changes that have affected their art practice due to isolation, as well as themes presented in the exhibition and their cross-border artistic practices.