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The Rubin Center for the Visual Arts at UTEP is the only dedicated contemporary arts institution in the El Paso / Juarez region. Since our founding in 2005, we have developed a reputation for excellence in our field, producing more than 150 original exhibitions and site-specific commissions with a risk-taking roster of international artists, overwhelmingly centering Latinx and Latin American voices.

This year, we are undergoing a comprehensive strategic planning process that will allow us to make a strong plan for the future, re-aligning our mission and goals to incorporate what we've learned from more than 15 years of experience producing and exhibiting contemporary art at the US-Mexico border.

The cover of our holiday card is a wish made by artist Alina Kiliwa in our fall exhibition (RE)CONTEXT: "Que el amor sea la pr6xima pandemia;' (May love be the next pandemic). It's been a joy to see our community return to the galleries and to our public programs, family days and teen nights, after so many changes through the past two years. We are honored to share space again with artists, students, and friends. We hope you'll join us in the year ahead as we return, in growth and renewed spirits, in collaboration and experimentation, in dynamic companionship and new ideas, at the Rubin Center.