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UTEP Edge at the Rubin Center

Students enter UTEP with many talents, great strengths and big dreams. The UTEP Edge is a campus-wide student success initiative develops these student assets through a variety of high-impact experiences made possible by the expertise and dedication of our faculty, staff, alumni and community partners.  Edge experiences range from undergraduate research and civic engagement to creative activities and student employment.  Edge experiences enhance personal and professional skills, and equip students with a competitive advantage when they graduate and enter the work force or pursue a graduate degree.  It is this competitive edge that distinguishes UTEP students from their peers at other institutions and prepares our graduates for leadership and lifelong success.

The Rubin Center provides a unique set of Edge experiences for UTEP students that are grounded in the research, creation, exhibition, programming, and promotion of contemporary art.   We provide student employment and internships in graphic design, public relations and marketing, education and outreach, exhibition practices and curatorial research. Students have direct contact with visiting artists from around the world as they create and install artwork, give gallery talks and lectures, and lead student workshops and critiques. The Rubin Center is an active learning site, where students in art, art history and museum studies gain hands-on experience in the handling, preparation and installation of artwork in a wide range of media.  We are also a site for gallery-based learning and critical thinking for students from a variety of disciplines across campus. Students from majors as diverse as border studies to pre-med, develop communication skills and confidence as they explore the artwork on display and discuss the ideas, cultures, social and political topics that inspired their creation. The Rubin Center is also a place where students engage in community-wide outreach and service to audience of all ages.

The photos here show UTEP Edge in action at the Rubin Center. Visit our 3rd floor reception desk for information about how you can be involved.

UTEP Edge Icons