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Statewide Charities

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08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085000 ABC – America's Best Charities 800-477-0733 Feeding the hungry. Sheltering the homeless. Protecting children. Healing the sick. America's finest independent charities. Working with you to share – the American way. 0.57
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085401 Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty 800-345-2286 Support research and education promoting a society that is both free and virtuous, grounded in a commitment to human liberty and guided by religious principles. 16.44
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085498 Adoption Exchange 800-451-5246 100,000+ children in foster care yearn for the stability and love of a permanent adoptive family. Help us find families for waiting children! 23.81
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085301 Aid For Starving Children 800-514-3499 One child dying of hunger every 12 seconds – more than 7,000 a day – must stop! Make a difference. Your actions can help save a child! 6.21
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085424 Air Force Association 800-727-3337 Join the force behind the Force – to promote a dominate U.S. Air Force and support Air Force families through professional development, scholarships, and other programs. 22.78
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085059 Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer 866-333-1213 A four-year-old cancer patient's front yard lemonade stand evolved to a nationwide movement to find a cure for pediatric cancer. Every person can make a difference. 11.50
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085194 Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation 888-908-5766 Help fight Alzheimer's disease and find a cure through research and prevention! Committed to ensuring peak mental performance and optimum brain function throughout our lives. 7.37
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085113 Alzheimer's Research Foundation, Fisher Center 800-ALZ-INFO Unique research into cause, care and cure of Alzheimer's by Nobel Prize winner. Donate to change lives. Bring a cure to 5.4 million Americans. 9.51
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085004 America's VetDogs, The Veteran's K-9 Corps, Inc. 866-838-3647 Trains and places guide, service, hearing and PTSD dogs. Transforming lives of disabled veterans, active servicemembers and first responders so they can live without boundaries. 19.14
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085175 American Association for Cancer Research 866-423-3965 We fund groundbreaking scientific cancer research that saves lives. By contributing, you can help speed up the pace of scientific discovery, and fight cancer. 8.17
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085495 Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation 800-747-2820 We are the trusted source for information about bone marrow failure diseases - empowering, educating, and supporting patients - funding critical research towards better treatments and cures. 9.57
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085430 Armed Forces Family Survivors Fund 800-340-HERO Provide treatment facilities for military personnel severely injured in Iraq and Afghanistan with programs fostering a family healing process. Also called Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. 10.27
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085405 Arthritis National Research Foundation 800-588-2873 We fund research to cure arthritis and develop new treatments for millions of Americans, including 300,000 children, suffering in pain every day. 7.84
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085131 Asian Children's Rescue & Relief Fund 866-523-3133 Saving Asian abandoned, orphaned, destitute, and handicapped children by providing hope and opportunity. Reaching their full potential through basic care, corrective surgery, therapy, and training. 13.55
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085158 Autism Intervention and Treatment Research, Organization for Autism Research 866-366-9710 Parents of children with autism never stop seeking answers. We're here to provide those answers by funding research that provides practical information on lifelong care. 12.93
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085142 Autism Society of America 800-3-AUTISM One in 68 children is diagnosed with autism; that's nearly 50,000 new families just this year. Help us provide support to those living with autism today. 21.50
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085011 Autoimmune Diseases Association 888-856-9433 Autoimmunity causes lupus, arthritis, celiac, MS, fibromyalgia, Graves', thyroiditis and 100+ other diseases. Through research and patient services, our work eases the suffering they inflict. 7.69
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085494 BCFS Health and Human Services 800-830-2246 Abused, neglected and abandoned children. Expectant mothers with no healthcare. Troubled teens and families. Help us to change their lives. Give them a future. 2.37
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085358 Brain Injury Association of America 703-761-0750 Brain injury happens anytime, to anyone, anywhere. We provide help, hope, healing for millions of Americans who live with often misdiagnosed and misunderstood brain injury. 18.78
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085002 Brain Tumor Association, American (ABTA) 800-886-2282 Advancing the understanding and treatment of brain tumors with the goals of improving, extending, and saving the lives of those impacted by brain tumor diagnoses. 19.08
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085214 Breast Cancer African American, Sisters Network, Inc. 866-781-1808 Speaking with one voice, we save lives by empowering women through support, education, financial assistance and promoting early detection through free mammography and ultrasound screenings. 18.73
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085435 Buckner Children and Family Services 800-442-4800 Children desperate. Orphans alone. Families in need. Our adoption, foster care, humanitarian aid, education, prevention and support programs transform lives of vulnerable children and families. 11.30
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085437 Cancer Care, Inc. 800-813-HOPE Caring for people facing cancer. Supporting patients, children, loved ones, caregivers. We provide help and hope through free counseling, wigs, education, financial assistance. 23.34
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085360 Cancer Research America, NFCR 800-321-CURE If you agree that world-class, cutting-edge research is the key to more effective cancer treatments, prevention, and detection - join us now - save lives! 22.89
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085170 Cancer Research and Assistance, VHL 800-767-4845 Committed to finding a cure for VHL, a genetic condition causing abnormal tumor growth, and related cancers, awarding millions through its research grants program. 9.88
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085213 Cancer Research Fund of the Damon Runyon, Walter Winchell Foundation 877-7CANCER To accelerate breakthroughs, we provide today's best young scientists with funding to pursue innovative cancer research. 100% of your donation funds cancer research. 20.35
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085492 Canine Companions for Independence 800-572-BARK (2275) A cold nose and a warm heart! Our companion dogs provide independence, assistance and friendship that transforms the lives of children and adults with disabilities. 20.56
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085491 Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. 301-565-4800 CLINIC and its 270+ affiliates assist low-income immigrants, reunite families, promote citizenship, help victims of domestic violence, advocate, build capacity, and train legal immigration providers. 15.41
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085253 Catholic Relief Services – USCCB 888-277-7575 Rushes food, clothing, shelter, water and comfort to God's most vulnerable children effectively and efficiently in times of disaster and provides the means to self-sufficiency. 6.04
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085018 Catholics For The Poor and Needy Worldwide 800-543-5046 Serving in faith, transforming through love! We connect Christian volunteers with opportunities to serve the poor and make a difference in communities across the globe. 3.46
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085439 Catholics United for Life 800-764-8444 Supporting the Catholic Church's dedication to defending sacred human life from the moment of conception. Providing youth conferences, defense of religious liberties, and right-to-life education. 13.21
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085335 Celiac Central, Beyond Celiac 844-856-6692 Help save millions of lives, billions of dollars. Celiac disease can lead to cancer, malnourishment, infertility, osteoporosis, other life-threatening diseases. 83% of sufferers remain undiagnosed. 8.52
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085490 Certified Humane 703-435-3883 Dairy cows confined in tie stalls, crated pigs can't root or move, chickens stuffed in cages. Fight cruelty in raising and handling of animals. 3.15
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085489 Challenger Center 202-827-1580 Engaging students and teachers in dynamic exploration and discovery opportunities that strengthen knowledge in STEM and provide outlets to learn and apply important life skills. 18.86
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085196 Child Find of America 800-I-AM-LOST Child kidnapping prevention and location specialists, helping children and devastated parents through free investigation, mediation and publicity. Your gift could bring a missing child home. 6.72
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085488 Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America 412-343-7102 Every child deserves a voice. We're improving the lives of children with apraxia by ensuring each child has their best opportunity to develop speech. 10.12
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085198 Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation 877-217-4166 Where would you turn if your child had a critical brain tumor? We're determined to find a cure and offer hope to parents facing heartbreak. 14.35
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085272 Children of the Night 800-551-1300 Rescues America's children from the ravages of prostitution. Providing shelter, hope , new beginnings. With your support, we can save more. Children deserve a fighting chance! 6.04
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085487 Children's Defense Fund 202-662-1901 Protecting children from poverty, abuse and neglect, and ensuring access to quality healthcare. Speaking for vulnerable children who cannot vote, lobby or speak for themselves. 15.87
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085275 Children's Hunger Fund 800-708-7589 Feeding the hungry at home and abroad. Food, clothing and medicines aid children in impoverished countries and in America's inner-cities. 4.80
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085033 Children's Medical Ministries 301-536-3173 Compassionate healthcare volunteers providing free wheelchairs, rehabilitation equipment, medical clinics, healthcare instruction, dental services, food and clothing to children in despair. Active in disaster relief. 4.00
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085179 Children's Organ Transplant Association 800-366-2682 Gives hope to children and young adults who need a life-saving organ transplant by providing fundraising assistance and family support. 13.50
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085028 Christian Care International – Food and Medicine for People In Need 210-661-6808 Serve those in need. Help us provide nonperishable food and medical supplies to more than 30,000 very poor in 45 locations on the Texas-Mexico border. 4.26
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085486 Comfort Crew for Military Kids 512-372-8359 Delivers proven strategies to prepare every military child for the unique challenges they face so they positively impact themselves, their families, and our country. 8.05
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085178 Correctional Peace Officers Foundation 800-800-2763 Nonprofit charity for correctional officers and their families, by providing line-of-duty death benefit, and catastrophic assistance in cases of accident or illness. 19.96
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085031 Cure Alzheimer's Fund 781-237-3800 Research is the only path to progress. We're funding breakthrough, aggressive research to prevent, slow, reverse and ultimately find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. 8.48
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085446 Deaf Children's Literacy Project 800-459-3529 Most deaf children are behind in English language and literacy. Reading opens the door to their future. Give them the power of English to succeed. 0.47
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085485 Delivering Good 212-279-5493 Providing new clothes, books, toys, and household items to in-need children and individuals, disaster victims, and military families. Your support brings smiles to their faces. 0.45
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085366 Delta Research and Educational Foundation 202-347-1337 Promotes research which identifies solutions to issues affecting African American women and their communities through funding and support of charitable programs of Delta Sigma Theta. 15.78
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085448 Diabetes & Immune Disease National Research Institute 858-752-6535 We're moving closer to a cure. Our cutting-edge research is advancing new treatments and cures for millions suffering from diabetes and other chronic, debilitating diseases. 13.78
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085025 Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation 202-333-4520 Funding innovative, promising research to prevent, treat and cure diabetes. 100% of your workplace contributions used for diabetes research and programs. We can conquer diabetes! 2.47
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085367 Direct Relief 805-964-4767 Providing essential medical resources to the most vulnerable communities in the U.S. and worldwide, improving health and transforming lives. 0.44
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085038 Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust 877-426-2838 Empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect. Prosthetics research and devices for amputees; traumatic brain injury therapy; guide/assistance dogs; and comfort for survivors.. 4.07
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085368 Disabled Children's Fund 240-929-4281 Providing poor, disabled children worldwide with corrective surgery. Free distribution of specialty wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, rehabilitation equipment, and therapy. Serving war and disaster victims worldwide. 4.66
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085484 Dogs for Better Lives 800-990-3647 Rescuing, training and placing dogs from animal shelters to help people with different disabilities, challenges and needs, since 1977. 18.92
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085068 Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans (NEADS) 978-422-9064 Independence and companionship for wounded warriors, autistic children, the deaf and disabled by providing custom-trained service dogs. Help provide these much needed service animals! 18.31
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085279 Equine Land Conservation Resource 859-455-8383 No land, no horse. We lose 6,000 acres of open land every day. Help Equine Land Conservation Resource save the lands our horses need. 12.39
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085039 FACES: The National Craniofacial Association 800-3-FACES-3 Children with craniofacial disfigurements require specialized reconstructive surgeries. We take care of these children and their families while treatment is received. Rebuilding faces, rebuilding futures. 13.62
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085235 Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute 858-527-1860 ext. 4031 Sexual assault, domestic violence, child maltreatment, elder abuse, human trafficking, and trauma: Problems affecting us all. Take action to help us reduce inter-personal violence. 4.79
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085076 Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) 888-FARM USA Combating animal cruelty, environmental devastation, and global hunger through the promotion of healthy, plant-based solutions. Your support creates a kinder, more compassionate world for all. 0.00
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085454 Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry 866-438-3434 Please help provide nutritious meat to hungry children and families nationwide! We pay the butchering fees for deer and livestock donated by farmers and hunters. 8.85
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085327 Fisher House Foundation 888-294-8560 We build and donate Fisher Houses at military/VA medical centers, support existing houses, help military families in need and award scholarships for military children. 9.98
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085164 FRAXA Research Foundation 978-462-1866 We aim to cure Fragile X, the foremost known cause of autism, by funding medical research and helping affected families get the best treatment. 8.33
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085483 Fund for Animals 866-482-3708 Lifesaving animal sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitation centers caring for a variety of species--from tigers to turtles--Help give thousands of animals a second chance. 17.70
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085412 Gary Sinise Foundation 888-708-7757 Build 'smart homes' for severely-wounded veterans, lift the military community's spirits with Lt. Dan Band concerts, support first responders and families of the fallen. 7.02
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085310 Giving Children Hope 866-392-HOPE Rescuing children, providing lifesaving medicines and emergency food to orphanages, clinics, shelters, and disaster centers serving homeless children in America, and poorest-of-the-poor around the world. 1.59
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085374 Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc. 800-548-4337 Using innovative training methods, trains guide and service dogs to restore independence and mobility, empowering people with disabilities to live without boundaries. 9.86
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085290 Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. 800-295-4050 Providing safety, independence and companionship to the blind and visually impaired by partnering them with exceptional guide dogs throughout their lifetime. 16.72
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085311 Guide Dogs of America 800-459-4843 Every seven minutes an American loses their sight permanently. Our free guide dogs help these individuals pursue their goal of independence with confidence and dignity. 13.45
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085312 Habitat for Humanity International                         800-422-4828 Sweat equity. Christian housing ministry working to end poverty by partnering with families in need to build affordable homes, stabilize neighborhoods, and preserve communities. 22.90
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085041 Help the Children 888-818-4483 Help us alleviate childhood hunger and suffering! We provide food, clothing, medicine, and medical care to needy children in U.S. and around the world. 0.75
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085499 Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled 617-787-4419 Providing specially-trained monkeys and life-time support, free of charge, to veterans and others with disabilities. These companions assist with daily tasks, providing independence and companionship. 21.96
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085181 Herbal Medicine Institute 800-373-7105 We are passionate about helping people live healthier lives through the responsible use of herbs and medicinal plants. Providing reliable, scientific information about herbal medicine. 16.81
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085035 Hispanic Scholarship Fund 877-HSF-INFO Empowers Latino families with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete higher education, while providing scholarships and support services to exceptional Hispanic American students. 8.69
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085258 Homes for Our Troops 866-787-6677 We build mortgage-free, specially-adapted homes nationwide — for severely-injured veterans, post-9/11 — enabling them to rebuild their lives. 12.23
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085046 Hospice Foundation of America 800-854-3402 Supporting individuals through life-ending illness and assisting families /caregivers with grief and loss. We emphasize hospice and palliative care while providing public and professional education. 8.83
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085280 Institute for Creation Research 800-337-0375 Stand for the Truth! Science strongly supports the Bible's authority and accuracy. Scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations equip Christians to defend their Faith. 7.74
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085182 Kidney Cancer Research and Education Association 800-850-9132 We strive for a world without kidney cancer. Help us fund breakthrough research, educate patients and health professionals and advocate for patients. 4.92
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085126 Leukemia Clinical Research Foundation 651-229-7131 Leukemia can be cured! We live that dream by supporting research where it has the most impact – on patients in clinical settings. 15.10
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085482 Lung Cancer Foundation 650-598-2857 The #1 cancer killer is largely ignored, underfunded, and under-researched. Join our crusade to eradicate lung cancer through aggressive research, early detection, treatment, and awareness. 17.09
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085417 Lutheran World Relief 800-597-5972 Affirming God's love for all people, we work with Lutherans and partners around the world to end poverty, injustice and human suffering. 14.85
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085341 Lymphoma Foundation of America 800-385-1060 We fund research to cure lymphoma and develop new treatments. Provide compassionate patient/family support services. Referrals to specialists. Nurse-counseling. Patient financial help. 1.41
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085343 Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation 877-606-1775 Scholarships awarded to children of fallen, active duty Marines or Federal Law Enforcement. Assistance for children of Marines for medical expenses not covered by insurance. 0.61
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085345 Matthew 25: Ministries 513-793-6256 Helping the poorest of the poor. Providing disaster relief, food, clothing and education materials. Meeting the most basic needs of severely suffering people. 0.43
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085480 Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund 213-629-2512 Promotes and protects the civil rights of Latinos in the areas of Education, Employment, Immigrant Rights, Political Access and administers scholarships for Law students. 16.38
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085049 Military Child Education Coalition 254-953-1923 Four million military-connected children navigate the challenges of deployments, transition, and family separation. Your donation supports the children of those who serve us all. 16.80
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085129 Military Officers Association of America Scholarship Fund 800-234-6622 100% of all CFC donations provide interest-free loans or grants to children from military families (all seven services, officer and enlisted) pursuing a college education. 6.30
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085346 Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation 818-762-4328 Keep music alive for thousands of students! We donate musical instruments to underserved schools and kids, to inspire creativity, expression and joy through music. 23.88
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085381 Multiple Sclerosis, Can Do 800-367-3101 I AM. I CAN. I WILL!™ Your donation transforms, empowers and provides families living with multiple sclerosis to be more than their MS. 16.17
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085108 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 800-THE-LOST Providing assistance to law enforcement and families to help find missing children and prevent child sexual exploitation and victimization. 8.09
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085466 Nightlight Christian Adoptions 714-693-5437 Help children find loving families. Through adoption and humanitarian aid we help orphans have a better future. Committed to life and family. 19.85
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085382 Operation Compassion 423-728-3932 Help us distribute life sustaining food and supplies to hungry, starving children; single parents struggling to survive; widows living in poverty; homelessness created by disasters. 0.43
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085055 Operation Homefront 800-722-6098 Be a caring Patriot! Support Operation Homefront's effort to build strong, stable and secure military families through emergency financial and other assistance. 10.68
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085478 Parents of Murdered Children, Inc. 888-818-7662 Provide support for survivors affected by the murder of a loved one. Keeping murderers in prison, reviving cold cases, prevention/awareness programs and support groups. 21.20
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085421 Paws With A Cause 800-253-PAWS Nationwide, custom-trained assistance dogs enhance independence and quality of life for people with disabilities. We increase awareness of the rights/roles of assistance dog teams. 18.04
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085349 Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States, Inc. 800-253-6530 Funds medical research for childhood brain tumors. Offers free patient family support services, funds scholarships for survivors, provides advocacy for cause. 22.34
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085224 PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 757-622-PETA Fight cruelty. Save lives! Your gift makes a kinder world for animals through undercover investigations, rescues, humane education, spay/neuter, and high-profile advocacy campaigns. 11.73
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085470 Pets for Patriots, Inc. 877-473-8223 Provide recovery and transform the lives of veterans, wounded warriors and active duty military through the adoption and care of at-risk shelter dogs and cats. 13.35
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085083 Planned Parenthood Federation of America 800-230-PLAN Ensure access to affordable reproductive health care, protect reproductive rights, and promote access to comprehensive medically accurate sexuality education, domestically and internationally. 20.39
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085472 Rainforest Partnership 512-420-0101 Works with indigenous rainforest communities to protect the Amazon. Deforestation directly affects us, our climate, and our planet. Help us protect our future. 12.53
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085206 Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN) 202-544-3064 Runs national sexual assault hotline; largest anti-rape organization. Free, 24/7 services help 150,000 people annually. Programs prevent rape, help victims, bring rapists to justice. 5.76
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085477 Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation 512-366-9109 Dedicated to providing support for those impacted by restless legs syndrome (RLS), education for the RLS and medical community, and funding research for a cure. 24.93
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085225 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 406-523-4500 Ensures future of elk, other wildlife and our hunting heritage by conserving, restoring, and enhancing natural habitats through land purchases, conservation easements, education and research. 14.12
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085476 ROX35 Media, Inc. 505-331-1802 Millions internationally don't have access to Gospel Truth in the published format they read most – comics. Help us reach them through Christian comics literature. 19.35
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085322 Seeing Eye, Inc. 800-539-4425 Enhancing lives by bringing independence, dignity and self-confidence to blind people through our Seeing Eye® dogs. These dogs bring mobility, safety and self-sufficiency to thousands. 12.32
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085260 Semper Fi Fund 760-725-3680 Immediate financial assistance and lifetime support provided to wounded, critically ill, and injured service members and their families. A+ and 4 stars ratings.  7.24
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085352 Skin and Dental Dysfunction Foundation 618-566-2020 Provides dentures, support, and hope to children left toothless from the rare disorder ectodermal dysplasia. Funds research to find improved treatment options and cures. 15.28
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085474 Skin Cancer Foundation 212-725-5176 Skin cancer, the world's most common cancer, is occurring at epidemic levels. Your support enables us to continue our public education programs and groundbreaking research. 12.60
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085384 Soldiers' Angels 210-629-0020 Adaptive laptops for wounded warriors, VA assistance for veterans, baby showers for wives of deployed troops. We provide comfort to America's military and their families. 6.05
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085207 Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. 800-944-3647 Paws for Independence and Paws for Patriots programs provide guide dogs for visually impaired individuals and veterans, and service dogs for veterans with PTSD. 9.63
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085191 Spay-Neuter Assistance Program, Inc. 800-762-7762 Homeless cats and dogs wander every neighborhood – destined for suffering or euthanasia. Please help us reduce the over-population of unwanted animals through sterilization and education. 15.31
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085385 Special Forces Family Fund 860-767-1510 In a Special Forces family, every member serves. Support SF families before, during, and after each soldier's deployment through community events, tuition assistance, family care. 12.01
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085111 Special Operations Warrior Foundation 813-805-9400 Provide scholarship grants and counseling to children of special operations who die in the line of duty. Provide financial assistance to wounded special operations personnel. 8.03
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085284 Spinal Cord Injury Network International 800-548-2673 Auto accidents, falls and sports injuries. We assist injured individuals and their families reach the best possible care and live life fully and productively. 11.58
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085012 Sunshine Kids Foundation 800-594-5756 Provides positive group activities for children with cancer, so they may once again do what kids are meant to do... have fun and celebrate life! 9.99
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085475 Support Our Troops www.SupportOurTroops.Org 877-879-8882 Don't abandon the troops! They support us, let's support them! We provide tons of morale and well-being to troops – and their families – worldwide. 1.48
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085353 Travis Manion Foundation 215-348-9080 Empowers military veterans and families of the fallen to inspire the next generation of leaders by putting character into action. 15.14
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085354 USA Cares Inc. 800-773-0387 Emergency financial assistance in the form of grants – not loans – for military and veteran families. We help with PTSD, Foreclosures, evictions, utilities, unemployment, and more. 15.99
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085008 Vegan Outreach 530-302-5089 Saving farmed animals from a lifetime of misery by persuading students to go veg on hundreds of college campuses every year. 14.09
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085387 Veteran Tickets Foundation 888-241-1550 Supporting our military, veterans, and their families – with entertainment, lasting memories, and reintegration opportunities – by providing tickets to sporting events, concerts, and family activities. 3.96
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085324 Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation 816-968-1128 Help support US troops! Education scholarships, military family financial assistance, phone connections home, VA claims assistance and patriotic community service programs. All free. 19.40
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085210 Wildlife Conservation Fund of America 614-888-4868 We're exposing youth and families to the great outdoors ... hunting, fishing, conservation.  Our Trailblazer Adventure Program inspires people to protect America's wildlife and its habitats. 12.87
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085288 Wounded Warrior Emergency Support Fund 301-588-3283 Honor our Wounded Warriors! We provide rehab services at three military medical centers, and starter IRS 529 College Savings Plans for dependents of aircrews KIA. 3.26
08 STATEWIDE ABC – AMERICA'S BEST CHARITIES 085388 Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation 813-938-1390 Serves our nation's combat-wounded Purple Heart recipients by providing world-class outdoor sporting activities – to recognize their sacrifice, encourage their independence, and promote their healing. 12.31
50 STATEWIDE ADOPT-A-BEACH 500000 Adopt-A-Beach – Texas General Land Office 877-TXCOAST An all-volunteer effort to remove trash from Texas beaches and waterways, while increasing public awareness of the problems of marine debris through education. 0.00
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020400 America's Charities 800-458-9505 Working to build strong communities. Addressing needs of children, families, communities through member programs, by helping employers and employees support our member charities' programs. 3.34
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020502 American Center for Law and Justice 800-296-4529 Specializing in constitutional law. Dedicated to the concept that freedom and democracy are God-given, inalienable rights that must be protected. 10.62
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020500 American Red Cross Serving Central Texas 800-733-2767 We prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. 16.49
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020508 AMVETS National Service Foundation 800-810-7148 Provides support to veterans through service programs as well as providing community and youth-oriented programs designed to promote unity and patriotism. 19.46
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020509 Believe In Tomorrow National Children's Foundation 410-744-1032 Keeping families together during a child’s medical crisis, we provide hospital/respite housing to critically-ill children and families, so they find hope and comfort. 5.01
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 022734 Boy Scouts of America (National) 972-580-2000 One of the nation's most prominent values-based youth development organizations. Programs for building character, training in the responsibilities of citizenship and developing personal fitness. 17.55
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 024561 Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation (Prevent Cancer Foundation) 800-227-2732 Your donation funds cancer prevention research; educates people about how they can prevent cancer and detect it early; and supports community cancer prevention programs. 22.79
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 024502 Caring for Children Foundation of Texas, Inc. 800-258-5437 Operates the Care Van Program which conducts mobile outreach clinics, providing access to immunizations and oral health services to medically uninsured and underserved Texas children. 0.00
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020504 Conservation Fund, The 703-525-6300 Conservation should work for all Americans. That's why we create solutions that make environmental AND economic sense. 96% of every gift goes directly into conservation. 1.96
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020470 Father Flanagan's Boys' Home 800-448-3000 We save children from abuse and neglect, heal broken families, and work to create a better behavioral health care system for all children. 17.09
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 024510 Feed The Children 800-627-4556 One of the world’s leading anti-hunger organizations. Brings together caring individuals providing food, water, education, and job training in 50 states and 18 countries. 6.38
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020510 FIRST 800-871-8326 Since 1989, we have engaged K-12 youth in exciting, mentor-based research and robotics programs, inspiring them to become well-rounded science and technology leaders. 12.71
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020459 Give Kids The World 800-995-5437 An 84-acre, nonprofit resort in Central Florida that provides week-long, cost-free vacations to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. 8.12
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 024542 Hole in the Wall Gang Fund, The 203-772-0522 Founded by Paul Newman, a nonprofit summer camp and year-round center providing free services to children with life-threatening illnesses. 20.93
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020426 Make-A-Wish Foundation of America 800-722-9474 Creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. When a wish comes true, it creates strength, hope, and transformation. 21.65
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020431 NAACP Foundation 877-622-2798 Protecting and advancing civil rights by eliminating disparities in: education, criminal justice, economic opportunity, health care, housing, environmental justice, legal redress and emergency relief. 7.34
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020435 National Black Child Development Institute 800-556-2234 Works to improve and advance the quality of life for black children and families through advocacy, education and other outreach programs. 12.28
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020513 National Fallen Firefighters Foundation 301-447-1365 Honor and remember America's fallen fire heroes; assist their survivors, and work to prevent firefighter deaths and injuries. 14.45
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020403 Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance 212-268-1002 Your gift funds cutting-edge research on more effective identification and new treatments as we strive to find a cure for ovarian cancer. 16.87
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020433 PetSmart Charities, Inc. 800-423-PETS We’re committed to finding lifelong, loving homes for all pets by supporting programs and thought leadership that bring people and pets together. 5.18
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020477 Population Connection 800-767-1956 We are the national grassroots organization working to stabilize global population to protect our environment, empower women, and improve everyone's quality of life. 10.10
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020514 Rails-to-Trails Conservancy 888-388-6832 Converts thousands of miles of unused railroad corridors into public trails for walking, bicycling, hiking, skating, riding, cross-country skiing, wildlife habitats and nature appreciation. 24.93
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020465 Ronald McDonald House Charities® 630-623-7048 Provides compassionate care and resources to children and families served by leading hospitals, provides access to quality health care, and enables family-centered care worldwide. 14.75
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020404 Thurgood Marshall College Fund 202-507-4851 Moves low-resource, high-achieving students attending publicly-supported HBCUs through college and into economically sustainable careers – through scholarships, capacity-building, and career preparation. 21.86
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 020405 Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance 800-225-6872 Supports tuberous sclerosis research, maintains a national family support network, and promotes public awareness and the education of medical and allied professionals. 21.84
02 STATEWIDE AMERICA'S CHARITIES 024508 VSA Arts of Texas 866-489-8412 Services enrich the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities through arts education and access to music, drama, dance, visual and literary arts. 14.37
58 STATEWIDE ASSISTANCE TO DOMESTIC VICTIMS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING 580000 Assistance to Domestic Victims of Human Trafficking – HHSC 512-776-7796 Assistance to Domestic Victims of Human Trafficking raises funds to establish a grant program for organizations to provide social service assistance to U.S. victims. 0.00
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050000 Community Health Charities 800-654-0845 Building stronger communities and empowering people to take action to improve health and wellbeing through giving opportunities, causes, volunteering, and health resources. 5.60
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050099 ALS Association, Texas Chapter, Carrollton 877-714-0088 Leading the fight to treat and cure ALS through research and advocacy. Providing those affected by Lou Gehrig's Disease with compassionate care and support. 15.50
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050002 Alzheimer's Association, Houston & Southeast Texas Chapter, Houston 800-272-3900 The leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care and support; and the largest private nonprofit funder of Alzheimer’s research. 21.40
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 055017 Alzheimer's Association, North Central Texas 800-272-3900 The leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care and support; and the largest private nonprofit funder of Alzheimer’s research. 20.78
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 052106 Alzheimer's Association, San Antonio and South Texas 800-272-3900 The leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care and support; and the largest private nonprofit funder of Alzheimer’s research. 8.90
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 055018 Alzheimer's Texas 800-367-2132 Eliminating Alzheimer's through the advancement of research, while enhancing care and support for individuals, their families and caregivers. 13.42
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 051009 American Cancer Society, Dallas 800-227-2345 Accelerating progress against cancer in every community by saving lives, helping those touched by cancer, and empowering people to fight back against cancer. 17.10
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050005 American Diabetes Association, Texas, Dallas 800-342-2383 Committed to finding a cure for diabetes, improving care and providing information and support to help Stop Diabetes® through research, community programs and advocacy. 15.00
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 055019 American Liver Foundation, Texas Division, Houston 800-465-4837 The nation's leading non-profit that facilitates, advocates, and promotes education, support and research for prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease. 18.56
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 055020 Austin Speech Labs 512-992-0575 Stroke survivors learn to talk, read and write again through pioneering, low-cost, intensive therapy, research, training future therapists; more than 400 clients/17,000 hours annually. 24.04
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 055021 Autism Speaks, Texas 972-960-6227 We fund biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments and cure for autism spectrum disorders; increase awareness; and advocate for the needs of affected families. 10.70
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 055022 Colon Cancer Alliance 877-422-2030 Providing highest quality patient support, information, screening access/options, research opportunities and much more: assisting patients, families and caregivers overcome colorectal cancer. 21.72
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050012 Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, North Texas 972-386-0607 Our mission: To cure Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, and to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these diseases. 21.10
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 055023 Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, South Texas 800-785-2232 Our mission: To cure Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, and to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these diseases. 19.10
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050013 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Central Texas 512-338-1744 Our mission: To cure cystic fibrosis and provide all people with CF the opportunity to lead full, productive lives. 23.40
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050033 Epilepsy Foundation of Central and South Texas, San Antonio 210-653-5353 Epilepsy support services for Texans: Epilepsy clinics, medication assistance, kids camps, retreats, support groups, employment training, information and referral, professional, and public education. 15.27
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 055024 It's Time Texas 512-533-9555 Exists to unite and accelerate the health movement in Texas by empowering people to lead healthier lives and build healthier communities. 10.90
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050015 JDRF International 800-533-2873 Mission is to accelerate life changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications. 20.02
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 052109 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, North Central Texas 972-996-5900 Our mission: To cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. 12.53
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050016 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, South Central Texas, San Antonio 210-998-5412 Our mission: To cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. 11.75
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 055025 Lupus Foundation of America, Texas Gulf Coast 800-458-7870 Dedicated to supporting the lupus community in the Texas Gulf Coast. Programs include outreach, awareness, education, direct patient services, advocacy and research. 17.70
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 052112 Mental Health America 703-684-7722 Provides prevention services, early identification and intervention for those at risk, and integrated care and treatment for those who need it. 20.39
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050020 Muscular Dystrophy Association, Dallas 972-480-0011 Fighting neuromuscular disease through worldwide research; providing comprehensive healthcare services and support to MDA families nationwide; and rallying communities through advocacy, fundraising and local engagement. 7.90
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 052113 NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), Texas 512-693-2000 Dedicated to improving the quality of life of all individuals living with mental illness and their families. 8.50
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050231 National Kidney Foundation 800-622-9010 We are the largest, most effective, and long-standing organization fighting kidney disease – a growing health problem affecting one in three Americans and their families. 22.70
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050022 National Multiple Sclerosis Society 800-344-4867 People affected by MS can live their best lives as we stop MS in its tracks, restore what has been lost, and end MS forever. 18.80
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050054 National Psoriasis Foundation 800-723-9166 To drive efforts to cure psoriatic disease and improve the lives of those affected. 22.24
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 052114 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network 877-435-8650 Dedicated to fighting the world's toughest cancer. We attack pancreatic cancer on all fronts: research, clinical initiatives, patient services, and advocacy. 20.39
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050024 Prevent Blindness Texas, Houston 888-987-4448 Dedicated to preventing blindness and preserving sight via vision screenings, eye health and safety public education, certified vision screener training, and community patient referral programs. 22.40
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050027 Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Marc Thomas Foundation 512-458-9767 Providing hope and help; including education, awareness, financial assistance, referrals, support groups, a special needs free weeklong children's camp, collaborative research, newborn notification and screening. 7.60
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050028 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 972-812-7100 Researches and treats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Families never billed by St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food. Discoveries freely shared worldwide. 21.56
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 052115 Susan G. Komen, North Texas 972-378-4808 Seeking to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures. 20.50
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050040 Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children 214-599-5000 Leading pediatric hospital specializing in orthopedic conditions and neurological disorders. Has provided exceptional care to more than 250,000 children, regardless of any family’s ability to pay. 11.40
05 STATEWIDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CHARITIES 050105 ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer 202-463-9455 ZERO's mission is to end prostate cancer. We will save lives and stop pain and suffering by advancing research, encouraging action, and providing education and support to men and their families. 19.60
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035500 EarthShare of Texas 800-GREENTX One gift supports the work of all participating charities, listed below, who work to protect natural resources and public health and quality of life. 15.78
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035544 Audubon Foundation of Texas 512-426-6033 Making Texas better by encouraging conservation through education, citizen involvement, programs for birds, wildlife and habitats. Supports Audubon Texas, Audubon chapters, and sanctuaries statewide. 8.82
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035581 Bat Conservation International 800-538-2287 Our mission is to conserve the world's bats and their ecosystems to ensure a healthy planet. 22.75
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035582 Big Bend Conservancy 512-529-1149 Supports and promotes projects for Big Bend National Park, in partnership with others who value this unique national resource along the Rio Grande. 20.29
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035558 BikeTexas Education Fund 512-476-7433 Encourages increased participation in the healthful and environmentally responsible activity of bicycling by educating children and adults in bicycle traffic safety and active transportation benefits. 9.90
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035605 Blackland Prairie Raptor Center 469-964-9696 Experience-based, integrated environmental education heightens understanding of raptors' vital role maintaining a healthy ecosystem and as indicators of its impact on humans. 12.00
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035545 Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems 512-928-4786 Contributes to creation of healthy and sustainable communities by designing and testing innovative programs that integrate air, water, food, energy, and material systems. 17.41
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035592 Children's Environmental Health Institute 512-657-7405 Providing education about how children are vulnerable to environmental toxins that increase their risk for childhood diseases such as asthma, cancer, behavioral disorders and autism. 2.49
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035538 Clean Water Fund of Texas 512-474-2046 Neighborhood-based action and education programs bringing people, businesses and government together for solutions that protect water and health, prevent pollution and conserve resources. 13.95
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035531 Conservation International Foundation 800-429-5660 Using a strong foundation of science, partnerships and field demonstration, CI empowers societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature for humanity's enduring well-being. 11.95
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035594 Environmental and Energy Study Institute 202-628-1400 Renewable energy. Energy efficiency. Green buildings. Clean transportation. Resilient communities. Climate change. Global warming. EESI brings people together to build a sustainable economy. Join us! 14.96
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035550 Environmental Defense Fund, Texas Office 512-691-3427 Guided by science and economics, EDF designs practical long-term strategies to protect natural resources and wildlife, and safeguard clean air, water and human health. 15.42
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035599 Galveston Bay Foundation 281-332-3381 Preserving and enhancing Galveston Bay as a healthy and productive place through programs in land conservation, habitat restoration, water quality, environmental education, advocacy, and research. 12.90
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035603 Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance 210-320-6294 Uniting citizens across Central and South Texas in advocacy to protect our groundwater, watersheds, flora and fauna, history and culture of the Texas Hill Country. 16.86
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035601 Guadalupe Blanco River Trust 830-379-5822 Preserving the natural heritage of the Guadalupe watershed, by protecting open landscapes, working farms and ranches, and wildlife through conservation and education. 20.98
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035596 Hill Country Conservancy 512-328-2481 Preserve large strategic tracts of open space that conserve critical water features, preserve outdoor recreation opportunities, and help maintain the Hill Country's quality of life. 24.05
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035586 Katy Prairie Conservancy 713-523-6135 Working to preserve and restore prairie lands through land acquisition, prairie restoration, educational programming, research, and public policy efforts. 13.01
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035612 Keep Texas Beautiful 512-478-8813 Dedicated to beautifying and improving community environments around Texas through programming and education. We address the areas of litter prevention, community beautification and waste reduction. 21.65
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035570 Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center 512-232-0100 Inspiring the conservation of native plants through education, demonstration and collaboration. 3.62
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035589 National Parks Conservation Association 800-NAT-PARK Preserves national parks from the Grand Canyon to Gettysburg; protects endangered wildlife and cultural sites; promotes new parks; defends against pollution, inappropriate development and overcrowding. 22.60
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035522 National Wildlife Federation 512-476-9805 Works to protect the land, water, and wildlife of Texas, and to connect people of all ages with nature. 15.00
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035512 Natural Resources Defense Council 212-727-2700 Works with communities, officials and businesses to secure laws and policies that will protect our environment for years to come. 15.99
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035577 Peregrine Fund 800-377-3716 Saves eagles, condors, falcons, and other endangered birds through research, breeding, and conservation programs. Helps preserve rainforests. Educates children and adults about nature and science. 15.08
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035543 Rainforest Alliance 212-677-1900 Works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. 22.14
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035597 San Marcos River Foundation 512-392-2900 Preserving public access and protecting the flow, natural beauty and purity of the San Marcos River, its watershed, and its estuaries – forever. 5.46
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035539 Sierra Club Foundation, Texas Chapter 800-216-2100 Fights to preserve wilderness and protect environmental quality worldwide through a powerful combination of education, scientific research, and publishing. 14.81
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035556 State of Texas Alliance for Recycling 512-828-6409 Promotes waste minimization, recycling, material reuse, and environmental awareness – through education, professional development and public policy – to conserve natural resources within a sustainable economic framework. 17.15
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035588 Surfrider Foundation 800-743-7873 Protects and preserves the world's oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Activities include: water quality monitoring, grassroots activism and plastic pollution prevention. 14.29
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035608 Sustainable Food Center 512-236-0074 Cultivating a healthy community by strengthening the local food system and improving access to nutritious, affordable food. 21.86
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035578 Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund 512-326-5658 Engage people and communities through face-to-face public education, grassroots organizing and action-oriented research for a cleaner and healthier Texas. 15.26
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035553 Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation 214-720-1478 Partners with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to conserve Texas' natural and cultural resources and to provide outdoor recreation opportunities. 1.44
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035572 Texas Solar Energy Society 512-751-1873 Promotes clean, safe, locally harvested solar energy for every Texan through solar tours, four local chapters, the TXSES website and newsletters. 13.67
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035580 Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation 830-336-2725 Rescues, rehabilitates, and releases orphaned, injured and displaced native wildlife; provides sanctuary, individualized care, and a voice for other non-native animals in need. 7.18
03 STATEWIDE EARTHSHARE OF TEXAS 035568 World Wildlife Fund 800-960-0993 Multi-national conservation organization working worldwide to combat climate change, save endangered animals, protect wild habitats, and transform market forces to act in harmony with nature. 18.69
54 STATEWIDE FUND FOR VETERANS' ASSISTANCE 540000 Fund for Veterans' Assistance  512-463-1157 Your donation supports grants to local organizations that focus on improving the lives of Texas Veterans and their families. 6.00
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040300 Global Impact 800-836-4620 Support more than 100 trusted international charities addressing critical humanitarian issues throughout the world, such as disaster response, human trafficking, education, clean water and hunger. 10.39
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040301 Accion 800-931-9951 Building a financially inclusive world, with access to economic opportunity for all, by giving everyone the financial tools they need to improve their lives. 17.44
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040305 American Jewish World Service 800-889-7146 Inspired by the Jewish commitment to justice, American Jewish World Service (AJWS) works to realize human rights and end poverty in the developing world.        13.34
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040371 American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) 202-266-9700 Addresses the development and humanitarian needs of Palestinians and other communities in the Middle East. 4.87
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040313 American Refugee Committee 800-875-7060 International relief and development agency empowering people impacted by conflict and disaster to recover and rebuild their lives with dignity. 8.77
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040333 Americares 800-486-4357 Saving lives and improving health for people affected by poverty or disaster, so they can reach their full potential. 1.59
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040302 Amref Health Africa  212-768-2440 ext. 121 Improving the health of people in Africa by partnering with and empowering communities, and strengthening health systems. 19.75
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040308 CARE 800-422-7385 Started in 1945, delivering CARE Packages to war-torn Europe. Today, working around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. 9.72
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040324 ChildFund International, USA 800-776-6767 Helping deprived, excluded and vulnerable children have the capacity to become young adults and leaders who bring lasting and positive change to their communities. 18.67
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040310 Church World Service 800-297-1516 A faith-based organization transforming communities around the globe through just and sustainable responses to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster. 8.79
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040336 Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières USA 888-392-0392 An independent international medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics and natural disasters in more than 70 countries. 10.13
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040346 ECHO 239-567-3327 Fights world hunger by helping people help themselves. Provide training, information and seeds to agricultural workers and missionaries working with farmers in 165+ countries. 18.24
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040342 Health Volunteers Overseas 202-296-0928 Trains, mentors and provides critical professional support to more than 3500 healthcare providers who care for the neediest populations in over 25 countries. 21.66
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040378 Heifer International 888-548-6437 Helps poor families worldwide become self-sufficient by providing livestock and training in animal management, environmentally-sound farming and community development. 23.52
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040316 Helen Keller International 877-535-5374 Saves the sight and lives of the vulnerable and disadvantaged; combats the causes and consequences of blindness, poor health and malnutrition. 15.27
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040348 International Orthodox Christian Charities 877-803-4622 Provides humanitarian/development assistance to people in U.S., Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East who have been devastated by man-made and natural disasters. 10.12
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040351 International Relief Teams 619-284-7979 Alleviates human suffering by providing health services and other assistance to victims of disaster, poverty and neglect, in the United States and around the world. 1.36
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040319 International Rescue Committee 855-973-7283 Responding to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, helping people to survive, recover and reclaim control of their future. 8.17
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040376 MAP International 912-280-6600 Christian organization providing life-changing medicines and health supplies to people in need. Serves all people, regardless of religion, gender, race, nationality, or ethnic background. 0.41
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040365 Mercy Corps 800-292-3355 Empowers people to survive through crisis, build better lives, and transform their communities for good.  14.99
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040317 Opportunity International, Inc. 312-487-5037 We provide hardworking, inspiring entrepreneurs with access to loans, savings, insurance and training – tools that empower them to work their way out of poverty. 7.23
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040373 Pan American Development Foundation, Inc. 202-458-3969 Empowers disadvantaged people in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve economic and social progress, strengthen civil society, and prepare for and respond to disasters.        5.76
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040372 Plan International USA 800-556-7918 Part of a global organization that works in 52 countries to advance children's rights and equality for girls. 24.41
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040325 Project HOPE 800-544-4673 Provides sustainable improvements in health around the globe through education and humanitarian assistance with more than 92 percent of revenues dedicated to programs. 10.69
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040338 Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO), The 703-684-5500 With a presence in 128 countries, we work alongside communities to improve the health, economic, educational and spiritual conditions of the world's most vulnerable. 4.95
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040326 Save the Children 800-728-3843 Does whatever it takes – every day and in times of crisis – to transform children’s lives and the future we share. 12.96
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040329 UNICEF USA 800-367-5437 We believe in a world where ZERO children die from causes we can prevent. Join us, and we can get there. 10.50
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040328 Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Inc. 617-301-4378 Advances human rights and social justice. Our innovative approaches and impact are grounded in the belief that all people have inherent dignity and rights. 19.94
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040352 United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) 888-252-6174 To alleviate human suffering, we provide practical, pro-active support to the most vulnerable survivors of chronic or temporary emergencies due to natural or civil causes. 8.55
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040366 United Seamen's Service 201-369-1100 Provides overseas health and welfare services to the American Merchant Marine, seafarers of allied nations, US Government, military, and civilian personnel. 22.96
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040375 Water for People 720-488-4590 An international organization that promotes the development of high-quality drinking water and sanitation services, accessible to all, and sustained by strong communities, businesses, and governments. 19.61
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040331 World Relief 443-451-1900 Provides emergency relief and community-based solutions to alleviate poverty in 27 countries and provides assistance to refugees and immigrants in the United States. 15.78
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040356 World Renew 800-552-7972 Fighting poverty, hunger and injustice through partnerships and locally originated community development programs; responding to disasters with emergency supplies and reconstruction of homes and livelihoods. 15.81
04 STATEWIDE GLOBAL IMPACT 040377 World Vision 866-859-5437 Relief and development organization helping children worldwide by tackling causes of poverty and developing access to clean water, food, health care, education and economic opportunity. 15.13
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470000 Local Independent Charities of Texas 800-876-5342 We share your gift among local independent charitable organizations helping children, the poor, the ill, the disabled, the elderly and others in need. 1.79
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 471056 American YouthWorks 512-744-1900 Provides young people with opportunities to build careers, strengthen communities, and improve the environment through education, on-the-job training, and service to others. 16.45
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470046 Animal Defense League of Texas 210-655-1481 True no-kill shelter; homeless, abused and neglected dogs/cats receive medical services (including urgent care), shelter, love while searching for homes. Public spay/neuter services. 15.19
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470024 Arc of Texas, The 512-454-6694 Promotes, protects, and advocates for the human rights and self-determination of Texans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 15.41
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470065 Arrow Child & Family Ministries of Texas 281-210-1500 Providing services for children and families in crisis – with programs in foster care, adoption, emergency services, and child sex trafficking recovery. 7.37
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470066 Bereavement and Grief Camp for Children, Camp Agape 830-385-8916 Christian-based program aiding children in their grief process. Provide group therapy activities that include art, music and play therapies to cope with their loss. 21.82
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470067 Buckner Retirement Services 800-381-4551 Striving to enhance the quality of life for elders and their families by promoting an active, healthy lifestyle while maintaining their independence and dignity. 8.60
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470068 Burke Center for Youth 512-858-4258 Strives to promote healing and inspire hope for foster children across Texas. Operates residential treatment center for boys and places children in foster homes/ adoption. 3.69
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 471072 Catholic Charities of Central Texas 512-651-6100 Works to strengthen families and promote respect for human dignity and life by addressing the needs of families, children, immigrants and disaster victims. 16.72
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470070 Children At Heart Foundation 512-255-3668 Supporting Children At Heart Ministries, which honors God and builds a better world by serving children and strengthening families through a variety of programs. 0.38
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470071 Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas 800-255-2574 Seeking justice and recovery for abused children by providing critical medical and mental health services and supporting coordinated investigation and prosecution of the crime. 1.92
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470073 Covenant House Texas 713-523-2231 Homeless and abandoned youth, with no where to go. CHT asks you to please help us continue to provide free food, shelter and medical care. 19.81
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470074 Foster's Home For Children 254-968-2143 Residential and child-placing services for children who have been the victim of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Tutoring and counseling are provided. 9.31
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470019 Guide Dogs of Texas, Inc. 800-831-9231 Provides quality guide dogs for Texans who are visually impaired to increase their freedom, mobility, and independence. 24.24
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470020 Habitat for Humanity Texas 512-523-5725 Putting God's love into action, we bring people together to build homes, communities and hope – providing resources, disaster assistance, and advocacy to Texas affiliates. 19.36
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470075 Helping Hand Home for Children 512-459-3353 Providing therapy, education, enrichment and nurturing home to children who have suffered severe abuse and neglect. Giving children hope through healing since 1893. 17.72
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470042 Helping Restore Ability 817-469-1977 Children on ventilators, adults with spinal cord injuries, seniors with dementia – these are the people we keep safe and prevent hospitalization and nursing home placement. 5.95
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 472275 Kid Net Foundation, Jonathan's Place 972-303-5303 Children brutally beaten. Toddlers in diapers wondering the streets. Young runaways sexually abused by a family member. Child exploitation. Help us provide safe homes. 10.71
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470077 Methodist Children's Home 800-853-1272 Equipping at-risk children with the emotional and educational skills needed to overcome abuse, neglect and crisis. Offering hope through a nurturing, Christian community. 14.68
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470078 Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin 877-813-6455 Saving babies' lives by providing prescribed donor human milk. Help this fragile population of premature and ill infants grow and thrive. 6.72
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470039 Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast 713-831-6559 Ensures the right and ability of all members of our community to manage their reproductive health by providing comprehensive health services, education and advocacy. 19.96
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470079 Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas 855-314-0799 Creating healthier communities by providing reproductive healthcare, delivering science-based education, and serving as an advocate for reproductive justice. 15.14
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470054 Planned Parenthood San Antonio 210-736-2244 Helping women, men and their families build better lives by providing affordable cancer screening and treatment, birth control, Pap and breast exams, STD prevention. 0.85
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470056 Planned Parenthood South Texas Surgical Center 210-736-2244 Ensuring the right of women to manage their reproductive health through compassionate, non-judgmental services – ranging from birth control to abortion care. 1.18
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470062 Project MEND 210-223-6363 Committed to improving the lives of individuals living with disabilities and illness through the refurbishment, reuse and distribution of medical equipment and other assistive technology. 14.65
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 473056 PTSD Foundation of America 832-912-4429 Providing hope and healing for the unseen wounds of war. 9.42
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470081 Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Antonio 210-614-2554 Seriously ill children need their families during long and strenuous treatments. We make this possible through our home-away-from-home, by providing lodging and support. 16.87
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 473058 Ronald McDonald House of Galveston 409-762-8770 We provide inexpensive safe cheerful accommodation for families with children receiving medical treatment at area hospitals. We embrace families with love, hope, and emotional support. 22.07
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470094 Ronald McDonald House of Houston 713-795-3500 We offer a home-away-from-home – providing care, compassion and hope to families with seriously ill children being treated at Texas Medical Center member institutions. 12.58
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470033 Rose, The 281-484-4708 Provides breast cancer screenings, diagnostics, and patient navigation into treatment for all women regardless of their ability to pay. 11.09
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470045 Service Dogs, Inc. 512-858-1495 Do you like helping dogs and people? We rescue shelter dogs and train them as lifelines for people living with disabilities. It's a win-win! 12.15
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470082 Southwest Key Programs, Inc. 512-462-2181 We provide quality education, safe shelter and alternatives to incarceration for thousands of youth each day, while helping families become economically self-sufficient. 8.70
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470083 Special Olympics Texas 800-876-5646 In 2016, more than 57,500 intellectually disabled athletes gained life skills by participating in Special Olympics Texas' year-round sports training programs and competitions. 14.05
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470084 St. Jude's Ranch for Children, Texas Region 210-876-6763 Children left in despair from abuse, neglect, abandonment. We transform lives through healing and empowerment in safe, nurturing environments. With help, new chances, choices, hope. 10.99
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470085 STARRY 512-388-8290 Providing free counseling to children and their families, foster care and possibility of adoption for abused and neglected children. 0.65
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470035 Tarrant Area Food Bank 817-332-9177 Hunger hurts. With your help, the Food Bank converts each dollar donated into five meals for our hungry neighbors: kids, seniors and the working poor. 5.74
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470021 Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation 979-8455972 Promoting and supporting youth development in leadership, vocational skills, critical thinking, and citizenship; reaching over 578,000 youth annually across Texas. 18.00
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470023 Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering 512-471-6100 We aim to increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities who are aware of and are prepared to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. 6.38
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470037 Texas Association Against Sexual Assault 512-474-7190 The voice of sexual assault survivors in Texas. We provide education, outreach and assistance to victims of assault and abuse. 14.78
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470088 Texas Baptist Children's Home 512-255-3682 Providing a haven of hope for children and families in crisis through campus residential programs and community-based outreach/prevention programs. 18.98
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470089 Texas CASA, Inc. 512-473-2627 Advocates for abused and neglected children in foster care through the development, growth and support of local CASA programs in Texas. 5.17
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470017 Texas Council on Family Violence, Inc. 512-794-1133 The unified voice for Texas domestic violence survivors and service providers. We promote safe and healthy relationships for individuals and communities. 9.76
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470043 Texas Homeless Network 512-687-5103 23,000 Texans are homeless – 42% fewer than 2007 but still too many. Help us continue lowing the number. Our friends and neighbors deserve a home. 9.09
47 STATEWIDE LOCAL INDEPENDENT CHARITIES OF TEXAS 470076 Upbring 800-938-5777 Our mission is to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children, families, and communities. Please join us in this essential work. 12.69
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482000 Neighbor To Nation 877-841-6839 People in deed serving people in need, in our local communities, throughout America and the world. Providing life-sustaining assistance and hope for the future. 4.04
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 483147 A Child's Hope Fund 800-490-5928 We help fight childhood illnesses through medical/food programs, health education and emotional/spiritual support for children in developing countries endangered by poverty, war, and natural disaster. 1.52
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 483148 American Council of the Blind 202 -467-5081 We increase the independence, security, equality of opportunity, and quality of life, for all blind and visually-impaired people. 11.94
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482007 American Family Association 800-326-4544 Educates and motivates Christians through radio, television, online and print to act on issues affecting families. Examples: media indecency, pornography, abortion, entertainment, education, parenting. 10.29
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482012 Blessings International 918-250-8101 Saves lives globally and in the USA by providing medicine, vitamins, and medical supplies to treat the poor and victims of disease, disaster or war. 8.62
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482018 Breast Cancer Charities of America 866-346-3228 We exist to eliminate breast cancer. Bringing together organizations committed to establishing unprecedented effectiveness in resources, education, advocacy, and support. 15.85
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 483146 Bullying Prevention by Rachel's Challenge 877-895-7060 Replace bullying and violence with positive acts through programs based on the true story of Rachel Scott, the first person killed in Columbine school shootings. 18.36
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482027 Children's Food Fund, World Emergency Relief 888-484-4543 For 31 years we've delivered food to hungry children, provided medicines for the sick, supplied relief to disaster victims and given hope to the poor. 1.63
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482028 Children's Hunger Relief Fund 888-781-1585 Saving children's lives! Sharing God's love by providing hot meals, disease-free water, healthcare, medicines, food-growing technology, and Christian education to suffering children worldwide. 4.05
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482074 Christian Legal Society 703-642-1070 A nationwide fellowship of Christians committed to serving Christ through the law, the defense of religious freedom & the provision of legal aid. 15.02
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482080 Christian Military Fellowship 800-798-7875 Ministering to America's military and their families worldwide empowering them in their Christian faith, advancing Bible studies, linkups, mentoring, fellowship, resources, personal contact and encouragement. 5.95
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 483149 Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation 310-828-0060 Dedicated to achieving a future without breast cancer by engaging the public and the scientific communities in innovative research through performing and facilitating collaborative research. 17.23
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482036 Focus on the Family 800-232-6459 A global multimedia organization defending and equipping families through counseling consults and biblically based resources that strengthen marriages and help parents raise healthy, responsible children. 15.18
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 483145 Glaucoma Research Foundation 800-826-6693 Prevent vision loss from glaucoma by investing in innovative research, education, and support with the ultimate goal of finding a cure. 12.95
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482087 Home School Foundation 540-338-8299 Financial assistance and curriculum relief to struggling home school families. We invest in widows, single parents, special needs children, and military families. Give. Volunteer. Pray. 6.01
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482115 Keep a Child Alive 646-762-8200 Our mission is to realize the end of AIDS for children and families, by combating the physical, social and economic impacts of HIV. 23.47
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482084 Leukemia Research Foundation 888-558-5385 Funds research to find a cure for leukemia and other blood cancers and provides emotional, educational and financial support to patients and their families. 17.08
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482046 Lions Clubs International Foundation 630-571-5466 Supports Lions Clubs in 210 countries in addressing the various needs of their communities through grant programs including sight, youth, health and disaster relief projects. 19.38
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482120 Mercy Ships 800-772-7447 Delivering free world-class healthcare to some of the world's poorest nations – while training local surgeons and medical workers to increase developing African nations' healthcare capacity. 15.78
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482081 Mission Aviation Fellowship 800-359-7623 Christian, humanitarian organization using aviation, communications, and education technologies to bring the Gospel, medical care, and other life-sustaining services to isolated areas of the world. 21.75
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482085 Navigators, The 719-594-2384 Provides a spiritual presence on military bases alongside chaplains, and brings hope to military personnel and their families through meaningful relationships with Jesus Christ. 18.35
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482057 Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc. 800-214-4999 Challenged by faith to end poverty. Promotes long-term solutions to poverty through training, gifts-in-kind, economic and community development; also responds to disasters. 2.93
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482160 Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corp. 800-730-2537 Dedicated to alleviating human need and suffering throughout the world through hunger relief, clean water, medical aid, disaster relief and community development programs since 1978. 1.11
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482062 Samaritan's Purse 800-528-1980 Christian relief agency, led by Franklin Graham, providing food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and other emergency assistance to victims of war, poverty, disease, and natural disasters. 11.19
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482068 Voice of the Martyrs, Inc. 877-337-0458 Serving more than 4 million persecuted Christians in 68 nations by empowering, equipping, rebuilding and encouraging, bringing Christ's hope through Bibles, medicines, shelter, training and aid. 20.09
48 STATEWIDE NEIGHBOR TO NATION 482072 World Concern 800-755-5022 A global relief and development agency that focuses on disaster response, clean water, education, food security, child protection, microfinance, and health. 9.53
51 STATEWIDE SAVE TEXAS HISTORY 510000 Save Texas History – Texas General Land Office  512-463-5274 A public/private partnership to raise funds for the conservation and restoration of historic Texas maps and documents. 0.00
55 STATEWIDE TEXAS MATCH THE PROMISE FOUNDATION 550000 Texas Match the Promise Foundation 512-463-4863 Provides matching scholarships to qualified participants in state’s prepaid tuition and college savings plans. Foundation is 501(c)(3) charitable organization; contributions are tax deductible. 0.00
06 STATEWIDE TEXAS STATE HISTORY MUSEUM 060000 Texas State History Museum (Donations) 512-936-4602 Donations support the exhibition and education programs designed to present the continually unfolding story of Texas to Texans of today and the generations to come. 18.00
06 STATEWIDE TEXAS STATE HISTORY MUSEUM 060001 Texas State History Museum (Memberships) 512-936-4602 Support the museum through an annual membership. Visit for more information. 18.00