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Welcome to your Wellbeing place

The UTEP Wellbeing website is designed to be a one stop shop on topics related to student health and wellbeing. Our goal is to connect you with offices, services, programs, and events that support our six primary areas of wellbeing: physical, emotional, financial, intellectual, environmental, and social. We will also provide resources related to campus safety. Most services / programs are limited to students based on financial support primarily from student service fees.
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UTEP offers a range of health and wellbeing services from counseling services to medical care, academic support to recreation classes, and victim advocacy to safety workshops. This site is dedicated to services available to enrolled UTEP students. While some services or programs may be open to the outside public, most are limited to students based on financial support primarily from student service fees.

The events the Student Wellbeing Initiative sponsors directly for students are as follows:

Jan. 19, 2022: Health & Wellbeing Fair at Union East

Feb. 14 - 18, 2022: Sex/Love & Respect Week

Sex/Love & Respect Table | Mon. Feb. 14

Centennial Plaza | 10am – 1pm

Enter our drawing and test what you know about sex, love, and respect.


Sex & Communication | Tue. Feb. 15

UE Acacia Rm 102A | 11am – 1pm

UTEP Counseling & Psychological Services provides info on Communication about sexual boundaries, consent, & refusal


Love is… Photo Booth | Wed. Feb. 16

UTEP Library, 3rd Floor | 10am – 1pm

Free photo booth photos! #uteplove


Sex/Love & Respect Table | Thu. Feb. 17

UE 1st Floor, West Entrance | 10am – 1pm

Another chance to enter our drawing & learn about UTEP Student Health & Wellness services related to sex & love.


Healthy Talk is Sexy Talk | Thu. Feb. 17

UE Cactus Flower Rm 102C | 11am – 1pm

Join a conversation on health related to sex and relationships.


Own it, Show it, RESPECT | Fri. Feb. 18

Will you be our drawing winner?! Check utepcare @ Instagram at 12pm noon #uteplove

Feb. 21 - 25, 2022: Love Your Body Week

Mirrorless Monday | Mon. Feb. 21

Across Campus | All day

Mirrors across campus will have messages that support healthy body image and self-esteem.


Speaking Up Against Cyberbullying | Tue. Feb. 22

UE Acacia Rm 102A | 10am – 12pm

(CARE) - An interactive presentation about how digitized instances of psychological and emotional violence impact different populations and college students.


Yoga for Every BODY | Tue. Feb. 22

MAC Court - Sports Rec Center | 1pm – 3pm

Join yoga mini-sessions across the span of two hours as a way to show your body love through physical movement.


Body Image Art Fair | Wed. Feb. 23

Centennial Plaza | 11am – 1pm

Activities all about healthy body image and self-esteem! Make something that inspires or reinforces body affirmation. Educate yourself on mindful eating. Engage in eating disorder awareness & prevention.


Love Your Body Table | Thu. Feb. 24

Union East, West Entrance | 10am – 1pm

(CASS) There’s more to just our physical selves related to loving our bodies. Talk to CASS about how they support everyBODY on campus.


Body Image Art Fair | Thu. Feb. 24

Centennial Plaza | 11am – 1pm

Take a moment to make something that inspires or reinforces your healthy body image & self-esteem. We will also be offering the chance to love your body through food as well as learn more about Eating Disorder Awareness.


Fearless Friday | Fri. Feb. 25

Virtual via social media | All day

Commit to experience a day without obsessing about food, weight, or body size/shape. To learn how, visit any of the week’s events. Post your #bethechange items on social media.

Mar. 8 - 10, 2022: Alcohol Awareness Week

UTEP Alcohol Awareness Resource Fair | Tue. Mar. 8

Union Breezeway  | 10am


Just the Facts  | Wed. Mar. 9

Via Zoom | 10am


A Look Inside: Alcohol & Your Values  | Wed. Mar. 9

UE Cactus Flower 102C | 11am


Up Close and Personal: Proactive Responses to Alcohol Intoxication  | Wed. Mar. 9

UE Barry Room  | 1pm


Neon Part | Thur. Mar. 10

Recreation Center, MP Field  | 5pm



Apr. 1, 2022: Miners Night Out

April 4th & 5th: “Love Your Mind” Mental Health Conference


The “Love Your Mind Conference” with Pre-Conference Workshops is about caring for our own mental health and is a collaborative effort between the Student Wellbeing Initiative, Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education, the Student Health & Wellness Center, and Counseling and Psychological Services. The Pre-Conference Workshops will be a series of presentations focused on advocating for the positive perception of mental health and the role of mindfulness, self-care, and balance in academic life occurring the week prior to the conference specifically for faculty and staff. Register for the Pre-Conference Workshops using the below links:


Monday, March 28th, 11:30-12:30pm:

“Mindfulness: Stay in the Present”

Union Building East, Cactus Flower Room 102C

Facilitated by: Cecilia M. Holguin, LCSW CAPS Clinical Counselor & CARE team


Tuesday, March 29th, 11:30am-12:30pm:

“Anxiety Management”

Union Building East, Desert Canyon Room 102D

Facilitated by: Emergence Health Network


Wednesday, March 30th, 3:00pm-4:00pm:

“Anxiety Management”

Virtual presentation via Zoom:

Facilitated by: Emergence Health Network


Thursday, March 31st, 3:00pm-4:00pm:

“Mindfulness: Stay in the Present”

Union Building East, Cactus Flower Room 102C

Facilitated by: Cecilia M. Holguin, LCSW CAPS Clinical Counselor & CARE team


The “Love Your Mind Conference” will occur over two days, with Monday April 4th for Faculty & Staff and Tuesday April 5th for Students. Both days will have a special workshops by Emergence Health Network, professional-led self-care activities, as well as a keynote presentation. Register for the “Love Your Mind Conference” using the links below:


Monday April 4th, 2022, 9am – 12:30pm:

Faculty & Staff Conference

Keynote Presentation: Dr. Janet Zadina - “Hidden Learning Disability of Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma: Science and Strategies for Improving Learning


Tuesday April 5th, 2022, 9am – 12:30pm:

Student Conference

Keynote Presentation: Dr. David Jones -“In the Flow of Life: Finding Your Path Towards Connection, Purpose, and Meaning”


Apr. 20, 2022: “Military Mental Health Forum” Event

In the end, we hope this site helps you live well at UTEP. Our partner offices are working to make our campus Miner Safe & Miner Strong.