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Recycle A Blackboard Course

Recycle your Blackboard course properly and get off to a good start. This guide will show you how to copy your old course into your new one, how to adjust course dates and will give you some helpful reminders of things to review to make sure your course is all set.


Creating a course copy

Log into Blackboard and open the course you'd like to copy.

Under Control Panel, click on Packages and Utilities, then click Course Copy.

Click to Browse, search for your new course, select it, and click Submit.

* New course shells are usually built mid-July for Fall, mid-November for Spring, and mid-April for Summer.

Click on Select All and consider the following:

Select All: Selected items that were not used will not affect the copy.
Content Areas: Content areas will be created in the new course or merged if it already exists.
Adaptive Release: Deselect this option if you are unsure or using time or user based adaptive release rules.
Announcements: Will you recycle old class announcements?
Discussion Board: The default will bring over previous course posts but will be marked anonymous. Selecting Include only the forums, with no starter posts will bring over the discussion board forum but no posts.

Accept default settings for File Attachments and Enrollments, and click Submit.

The new course will begin populating with the copied content.

Allow up to 15 minutes for copy to complete.

After the copy is complete, open your new course.

Under Control Panel, click on Course Tools, then Date Management.

Select List All Dates For Review.

Click Start and then Next once complete.

Review all dates and click the pencil icon to the right to make any necessary adjustments.

Review the content in your course and consider the following:

• Make sure your Syllabus is up to date.
• Check for any broken or outdated links in the course menu or content areas. While we always recommend reviewing your course manually, you can use the Check Course Links tool to help you.
• Download and check for outdated or corrupt course files.



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