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Blackboard Attendance

Blackboard now has a built-in attendance tool to keep track of which students are coming to class. This tool relies on manual instructor input , so should only be used if the instructor is prepared to take this on. Each time an attendance session is launched, an instructor can mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused for a class meeting. The attendance data is aggregated on an ongoing basis in a single Grade Center column, updated every time the instructor adds attendance for a new class meeting. Students are also able to see a record of their attendance under “My Grades”, this will allow them to monitor their own progress.

The Blackboard Attendance feature is fairly new, therefore it has limited functionality. We highly recommend that instructors who are interested in using this tool look over this entire web page before clicking on the Attendance tool in Blackboard. Adding the Attendance tool to your course will create an Attendance column in the Grade Center that cannot be deleted.


Getting Started

Note: By default, students' accumulative attendance scores are based on 100 points. If you want to change the default points, it is suggested that you make this change prior to the start of marking attendance, please see the Modifying Attendance Default Points section on this page.

Use these links to go directly to Blackboard instructions:

Accessing Attendance

Attendance Interface

Marketing Attendance Video

Add/Delete a Meeting

Edit a Meeting

Exempt a Meeting

Attendance Column in Grade Center

Modifying Attendance Default Points

Weighted Total Column

Hiding the Attendance Column

Excluding Attendance from Grade Center Calculations

Exporting Attendance Data

Attendance and Course Copy

Delete Copied Course Attendance Data



Visit Blackboard Central for assistance using the Attendance tool.



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