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The Ants of North America - William and Emma Mackay,
Centennial Museum, Laboratory for Environmental Biology,
The University of Texas, El Paso, TX 79968

Genus Crematogaster

These aaare acrobatic ants, so named as living specimens wave their gasters above their bodies, ready to dab noxious chemicals on any nearby predator. Although they cannot sting, they are able to inflict a poainful bite and are very fastidious when walking over the body of the myrmecologist. They are easily recognized as the post petiole is attached to the dorsum of the gaster, the only genus in the New World with this conformation. The gaster is heart-shaped when viewed from above. There are numerous species and they are difficult to identify. Three keys are presented, onf for the United States, a second for the Rocky Mountains, and the third is a rough key of the Latin American species, which is incomplete and has many problems. Hopefully these keys will be of some use in the identification of these interesting ants.


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Late Update: 1 June 2001