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  • General Information

    The Tutoring and
    Learning Center
    300 Library
    (915) 747-5366
    FAX (915) 747-5486

    DIRECTOR: Gladys R. Shaw

  • General Information
    Web site at: http://www.utep.edu/tlc

    Academic success for UTEP students is the goal of the Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC). Services made available by the center are focused on helping students successfully meet the high academic standards of UTEP's regular college courses; helping students prepare for and pass various standardized exams, including the TASP Test; and helping students make up learning deficiencies in course content to prepare themselves for regular college courses. All services are free to enrolled, eligible, UTEP students.

    The center offers the following:

    Free Peer Tutoring at posted hours in most content areas, but especially math, writing, science, languages, and business and accounting courses. Open to all students on a walk-in basis.

    Computer Assisted Instruction in math, reading, writing, standardized test preparation and other areas. Open to all students on a walk-in basis, but priority is given to TASP-affected students referred by the Advising Center.

    Individualized Assistance with Learning and Study Problems. Available to all students.

    Collaborative Learning Activities in special topic classes and workshops facilitated by trained Peer Tutors: content study groups, skills workshops, focused labs, language conversation classes, content reviews and test preparation. Scheduled activities open to all students. Others may be implemented on demand by five or more students.

    Facilities for Special Needs. All rooms are accessible by wheelchair, and special equipment is available for students with vision or hearing impairments. Appointment tutoring is available for learning disabled students in any content area.

    Non-Credit Courses. All non-credit courses are free and open to eligible UTEP students. Students may register for courses during the regular registration process except as noted.

    Life Management and Personal Development. A variety of instructional and motivational audio and video tapes are available to help students in such areas as stress management, time management, test anxiety skills, and attitudes for being successful, etc. These are available on a walk-in basis in the Learning Assistance Lab in the center.

    ESOL Assistance. Self-paced instructional and practice materials are available in addition to the bilingual courses and labs listed below.

    Distance Tutoring. Quick, specific questions in content areas may be submitted by phone (915)747-7414, Fax (915)747-5486 or e-mail tutoring@utep.edu.

    Mentoring. Peer Mentors and Counselor Interns are available on request to provide personal support for UTEP students.

    Graduate Student Services. In addition to the services listed above, the center offers the following services especially for graduate students:

    • Standardized Test Preparation Workshops for the GRE, GMAT and EXCET are made available each long semester. Twelve hours of instruction are provided that include test-taking strategies plus work on the specific sections of the exams. UTEP students may sign up in the center. Non-enrolled students must sign up in the Department of Continuing Education for a fee.
    • Computer Assisted Instruction programs for the GRE and the GMAT are available for individual use in the center. UTEP students may enroll at the center. Non-enrolled students must sign up with the Department of Continuing Education and pay a fee.
    • Thesis Writing Workshop is offered each long semester. This workshop provides four hours of instruction and is free to UTEP students who may sign up in the center. Non-enrolled students must sign up in the Department of Continuing Education and pay fee.

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