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  • Financial Assistance

  • Tuition and Fees

  • Housing Expenses

  • Residency Regulations
    for Tuition Purposes

  • Financial Assistance

    1.- Merit-Based Awards
    2.- Need-Based Awards
    3.- Educational Stipends
    4.- Employment / Graduate Assistantships
    5.- Other Employment Opportunities

    3.- Educational Stipends

    Limited financial support is also available through educational stipends to participants in sponsored research or other projects, or fellowship programs. Stipend support generally does not qualify for a waiver of non-resident status for tuition purposes. For stipend eligibility, contact the academic department's research programs office and the Graduate School, or, for international students, the International Programs Office, Union Building, West, Room 211, (915) 747-5664.

    The publication Graduate Assistantships Guide, available from the Graduate School, provides additional information.

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