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    1.- Cooperative Dregree Programs
    2.- Cooperative Doctoral Program in Border Studies
    3.- Cooperative Doctoral Program in Pharmacy
    4.- Cooperative Master of Library and Information Science
    5.- Cooperative Master of Public Health

    2.- Cooperative Doctoral Program in Border Studies

    The University of Texas at El Paso and The University of Texas at Austin have long shared a vibrant interest in Latin America, Mexico, and the U.S.-Mexico borderlands.

    Strong faculty, dynamic research centers, outstanding libraries, and exceptional field laboratories enable this program to offer unique opportunities for graduate study and research in these fields.

    Through the Cooperative Doctoral Program in Border Studies, a graduate student may pursue studies focusing on the U.S.-Mexico borderlands within the following academic majors: sociology, geography, applied linguistics, history, economics, government (political science), anthropology, social work, community and regional planning, and Latin American Studies.

    Since UT Austin is the degree-granting institution, the details of each student's program of studies must be developed within the context of departmental requirements and procedures currently in effect at UT Austin. Every student will be required to spend at (east one full academic year at the Austin campus. At least six semester hours of course work and/or research must be completed at UTEP Admission to the program may be initiated at either institution. Students must qualify for admission to the Graduate Schools at UTEP and UT Austin and comply with all of the academic regulations of both campuses throughout the duration of the program. Students must also demonstrate oral and written competency in both English and Spanish to participate in the program. Further information about the program may be obtained at the Center for Inter-American and Border Studies at UTEP, or the Graduate School at either institution.

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