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  • Flexible Admission Program

    The Flexible Admission Program is designed for first-time, non-traditional students who have had no exposure to a university environment and who do not intend to pursue a degree at the time of their admission. Flex students may take selected basic undergraduate courses to achieve personal educational objectives or to complete courses in a particular field for professional reasons.

    To qualify for the Flex Program, an individual must be at least 23 years of age, be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, and have had no previous college or university experience. Individuals admitted under this option are subject to the same tuition, fees and regulations as degree-seeking students. A student who changes from Flex to degree-seeking status is required to meet all the requirements for regular admission to the university. Should an individual seek this change, a maximum of 30 semester hours accumulated as a Flex student can be counted toward an undergraduate degree. Individuals who have completed 30 semester hours will need approval from the director of admissions to enroll in, or to continue to enroll under, the provisions of the Flex Program. The late application fee does not apply to Flex applicants, and applicants should note that admission into a non-degree program like Flex will preclude their participation in federally funded financial aid programs.

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