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    230 Business Administration

    CHAIRPERSON: Gary L. Sullivan
    PROFESSORS EMERITI: Lola B. Dawkins, Wade J. Hartrick
    PROFESSORS: Foster, Hoy, Michie, Sullivan
    ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS: Ibarreche, Trevino
    ASSISTANT PROFESSORS: Azevedo, Barnes, Hadjimarcou
    LECTURER: Eason, Frederickson, Grambling, Shields

    1. Business (BUSN) Courses
    2. Management (MGMT) Courses
    3. Real Estate (REST) Courses

    Business (BUSN) Courses

    3304 Global Business Environment (3-0)

      An examination of the issues confronting business enterprises in the global economy. Topics will include understanding cultural and ethical issues; the influence of social, political, and economic systems; and the impact of environmental and technological issues in the perspective of a global business environment.
    Management (MGMT) Courses

    3303 Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior (3- 0)

      An introduction to the management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Emphasis will be given to organizational behavior concepts, international business, ethical issues, and quality management perspectives.
    3304 Advanced Organizational Development (3-0)
      The concepts, values, underlying assumptions, and intervention techniques that are common in the practice of organizational development and change are presented. Prerequisite: MGMT 3303.

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    3306 Entrepreneurship (3-0)

      Entrepreneurship is designed to provide an understanding of the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial process. Emphasis is on new venture planning and establishment of new firms as opposed to dealing with problems of an established business. The distinctive focus is enterprise creation. Prerequisites: MGMT 3303 and FIN 3310.
    3311 Introduction to Human Resource Management (3-0)
      This course emphasizes how to effectively utilize and manage human resources in a rapidly changing environment. Emphasis is on such topics as strategic human resource planning, staffing, performance appraisal, and compensation. Emphasis will also be placed on understanding the legal ramifications of human resource management decisions. Prerequisite: MGMT 3303.
    3315 Employee and Labor Relations (3-0)
      Study of labor law, trends in the labor movement, union structure, organizing, and collective bargaining processes. Preparation for and handling of negotiations. Grievance and discipline handling in both union and non-union organizations. Arbitration, decertification, and managing in a non-union environment. Prerequisite: MGMT 3311.
    3320 Small Business Management (3-0)
      Focuses on the analysis, operation, and management of small business. Provides practical experience working with small business and entrepreneurial opportunities in the community. Investigates marketing production and administrative functions to develop overall managerial awareness and analytical skills in small business problem-solving. Prerequisites: ENGL 3355, MGMT 3303, and ACCT 3201.
    3400 Strategic Management (3-0)
      Integration of accounting, business law, finance, human resources, production management, and marketing to solve management problems. Prerequisite: Graduating Seniors only, overall GPA of 2.0 or better, business GPA of 2.0 or better, and for Accounting majors, a 2.0 or better GPA in all hours attempted in the following courses: ACCT 3321 and accounting courses listed in the Accounting Option Requirement.

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    3404 Human Resource Training and Development (3-0)

      The course is an intensive study of the procedures utilized by organizations to facilitate the learning process to assure that these efforts result in the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. Emphasis is given to such topics as learning theory, training and development methods, evaluation, and administration. Experiential exercises are utilized to facilitate the application of theory to organizational practices. Prerequisite: MGMT 3311 or MGMT 3515.
    3406 Franchising (3-0)
      Franchising investigates the advantages and potential risks that must be considered before making an investment in a franchise business. There is particular emphasis on the discovery and evaluation of the franchisor and the feasibility of entrepreneurs converting an existing business into a franchise chain or creating and selling new business concepts. Prerequisites: MGMT 3303 and FIN 3310.
    3410 Employment Law and Dispute Resolution (3-0)
      Consideration of the full impact of federal and state employment and labor laws on employer-employee relations. Specific subject matter includes job discrimination, minimum wage and overtime, lawful terminations, job safety and health regulations, employment of aliens, workmen's compensation, and substance abuse in the work place. Recognition and management of problem situations will be covered. Prerequisites: MGMT 3311 or MGMT 3515.
    3415 Human Resource Staffing and Planning (3-0)
      A study of the staffing process in organizations. Primary emphasis on job analysis and the use of human resource information systems in the planning, recruitment, selection, and appraisal activities. Prerequisite: MGMT 3311 or MGMT 3515.
    3425 International Management (3-0)
      A study of the differences in managerial processes in organizations having international operations with an emphasis on traditional managerial activities. It is a cross-cultural approach to the study of management using the United States as a point of reference. Prerequisite: MGMT 3303.

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    3437 Compensation and Employee Benefits (3-0)

      This course examines the goals of the organization in the employment of human resources and its use of reward systems in the motivation of goal-oriented behavior. Topics included are job evaluation systems, merit pay, and employee benefits. Legal aspects of pay administration such as wage and hour laws and ERISA will be covered. Prerequisite: MGMT 3311 or MGMT 3515.
    3496 Internship in Management (0-0-3)
      A course designed to give a business major practical work experience. Prerequisite: MGMT 3303, three hours of MGMT courses beyond 3301, and department approval.
    3498 Independent Study in Management (0-0-3)
      Individualized instruction in a particular issue in management. The nature and scope of the study is arranged with a faculty member. Prerequisites: MGMT 3303 and department approval.
    3499 Current Topics in Management (3-0)
      Topics to be announced. This course may be repeated for credit as topics are changed. Prerequisite: MGMT 3303 and department approval.
    Marketing (MKT) Courses

    3300 Principles of Marketing (3-0)

      A description and analysis of the ways in which goods move to points of consumption. Topics studied include functions, institutions, the marketing environment, markets, and government regulation. Prerequisites: ACCT 3201 and junior standing.

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    3302 Buyer Behavior (3-0)

      This course emphasizes the psychological and sociological aspects of both industrial and consumer buyer behavior. Topics range from basic motivation and learning theory to group dynamics with applications to the formulation of marketing strategy. Prerequisite: MKT 3300.
    3305 Selling and Sales Management (3-0)
      Presents the techniques of effective personal selling; the function and duties of the sales representative; and the task of sales management in staffing, training, and motivating the sales force. Prerequisites: MKT 3300 and (1) MKT 3302 or (2) MGMT 3304.
    3310 Principles of Retailing (3-0)
      Analysis of retail store management including personnel requirements and career opportunities with emphasis on modern methods in buying, receiving, pricing, merchandise and financial control, sales promotion, and customer service. Prerequisites: MKT 3300 and FIN 3310 and (1) MKT 3302 or (2) MGMT 3304.
    3320 Advertising and Sales Promotion (3-0)
      The planning, execution, and evaluation of advertising and sales promotion activities to stimulate customer demand. Prerequisites: MKT 3300 and (1) MKT 3302 or (2) MGMT 3304.
    3401 Marketing Research (3-0)
      Scientific methods of analysis and statistical techniques are employed in solving marketing problems. Emphasis on collection of information from internal and external sources; analysis, interpretation, and presentation of research findings. Prerequisites: MKT 3300, MKT 3302, and QMB 3301.

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    3425 International Marketing (3-0)

      Emphasis is given international marketing from the viewpoint of the marketing manager who must recognize differences in market arrangement and in legal, cultural, and economic factors in different countries. Areas covered include planning and organizing for international operations, interrelationships with other functions, product strategy, pricing promotion, channels, and financial aspects of international marketing. Prerequisite: (1) MKT 3300 and FIN 3310 and (a) MKT 3302 or (b) MGMT 3304 or (2) graduate standing.
    3456 Logistics and Supply Chain Management (3-0)
      An introductory review and discussion of business activities that center on the movement and storage of inventories and the dynamic forces affecting logistics decisions. This course critically evaluates the physical and information flows that occur within the logistics and supply chain system. It is intended to provide an understanding of how business decisions influence logistical flow and the ways in which choices made by logistics managers affect overall corporate performance by reducing total cost and improving customer satisfaction levels. Prerequisites: POM 3336.
    3490 Industrial Marketing (3-0)
      This course distinguishes organizational markets from consumer markets. Emphasis is placed upon the characteristic features of industrial and institutional demands that set the environment within which the industrial marketer must cope. Prerequisites: (1) MKT 3300 and (a) MKT 3302 or (b) MGMT 3304 or (2) graduate standing.
    3491 Service Marketing (3-0)
      This course integrates concepts from other marketing courses to adapt them to services marketing. The focus is on the unique properties of services. A distinctive approach to services marketing strategy development and execution is examined. Prerequisites: MKT 3300 or graduate standing.
    3492 Product and Price Management (3-0)
      A managerial approach to the issues of product innovation, development, commercialization, and abandonment. Specific emphasis is given to the product life cycle, product portfolio analysis, and price administration and determination. Prerequisites: MKT 3300 and MKT 3302 or graduate standing.

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    3495 Strategic Marketing Management (3-0)

      An integrating course in marketing, systematically oriented with emphasis on the marketing mix, and special attention to market analysis, marketing information, and sales forecasting. Prerequisites: MKT 3401 and FIN 3310.
    3496 Marketing Internship (0-0-3)
      Designed to provide practical work experience in marketing. To be taken during the senior year with permission of the internship advisor and the department chairperson. Prerequisites: MKT 3300 and MKT 3302 and department approval.
    3498 Independent Study in Marketing (0-0-3)
      Individualized instruction in a particular issue in marketing. The nature and scope of the study is arranged with a faculty person. Prerequisites: MKT 3300 and department approval.
    3499 Current Topics in Marketing (3-0)
      Topics to be announced. This course may be repeated for credit as topics are changed. Prerequisites: MKT 3300 and department approval.
    Real Estate (REST) Courses

    3300 Real Estate Principles (3-0)

      A survey course, designed to introduce the basic concepts of real estate law, appraisal, finance, investment, and brokerage.

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