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General Information

Bachelors of Science Offered:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical
  • Metallurgical and
    Materials Engineering


  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical and
    Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical and
    Industrial Engineering
  • Metallurgical and
    Materials Engineering

    Dr. Andrew Swift, Interim Dean
    Dr. Stephen Stafford, Associate Dean
    Dr. Darrell Schroder, Assistant Dean
    Engineering/Science Complex
    Engineering Building, Room E230
    Phone: (915) 747-5460
    Fax: (915) 747-5616

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

    The Electrical Engineering program contains six options. All options are divided into two-year lower and upper divisions. The lower division provides diverse courses covering a broad base of technical subjects while the upper division provides the more specialized courses.

    Freshman Year
    1st Semester Hours
    EE 3105+ Introduction to Electrical Engineering 3
    ENGL 3111+ Expository English Composition 3
    CHEM 3105+ General Chemistry 3
    MATH 4111+ Calculus I 4
    Core Curriculum Requirement* 3
    Total 16
    2nd Semester
    ENGL 3112+ Research and Critical Writing 3
    CHEM 3106+ General Chemistry 3
    MATH 3112+ Calculus II 3
    HIST 3101 History of U. S. to 1865 3
    CS 4120+ Computer Programming for Scientists & Engineers 4
    EE 1205+ Measurements Laboratory 1
    Total 17

    1st Semester
    MATH 3213+ Calculus III 3
    HIST 3102 History of U. S. since 1865 3
    POLS 3210 Introduction to Politics 3
    EE 3269+ Digital Systems Design I 3
    PHYS 4210+ Mechanics and Thermal Physics 4
    PHYS 1120+ Physics Laboratory I 1
    Total 17
    2nd Semester
    EE 3251+ Networks I 3
    EE 1251+ Basic EE Lab 1
    MATH 3226+ Differential Equations 3
    MATH 3323+ Matrix Algebra 3
    PHYS 4211+ Fields and Waves 4
    MECH 3239+ Engineering Dynamics or
    MECH 3375+ Thermodynamics I 3
    Total 17

    1st Semester
    EE 1309 Computation Lab 1
    EE 3339 Electronics I 3
    EE 3352 Networks II 3
    EE 3321 Electromagnetic Field Theory 3
    EE 3376 Microprocessor Instrumentation 3
    EE 1376 Microprocessor Instrumentation Lab 1
    PHYS 3325 Survey of Modern Physics 3
    Total 17
    2nd Semester
    EE 2310 Electrical Engineering Lab I 2
    EE 3340 Electronics II 3
    EE 3329 Electronic Devices 3
    EE 3353 Signals and Systems 3
    EE 3384 Probabilistic Methods 3
    Core Curriculum Requirement* 3
    Total 17

    Two Semesters
    EE 1495 Senior Professional Orientation 1
    EE 2412 Senior Project Lab I 2
    EE 2411 Electrical Engineering Lab II 2
    EE 1442 Digital Lab II
    EE 1478 Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab
    EE 2414 Senior Project Lab II 2
    POLS 3211 American Government and Politics 3
    Core Curriculum Requirement* 3
    IE 3326 Engineering Economy 3
    Option Courses * 12
    Approved Technical electives* 6
    Total 34
    Total Semester Credit Hours 135

      + Grade of "C" or better required in these courses.

      * Nine hours of electives must be selected from core curriculum courses. Three of these hours must be in fine arts, three hours in humanities, and three hours in cultural diversity. At least 12 hours must be selected from one of the options described below. Three hours of approved technical electives must be selected from upper level courses in Engineering or the Biological or Physical Sciences. Three additional hours of technical electives must be chosen from the technology and society menu of the core curriculum and they must be upper level.

    Options Each option lists courses that permit students to develop a specialization or pursue particular career objectives. In satisfying the requirements of an option, students will complete an in-depth program of current interest to electrical engineering. Students should select an option prior to completion of the junior year and plan their course of study in order to satisfy any prerequisite for courses within their chosen option. Most option courses are offered only once each academic year. By careful selection of electives, students may obtain more depth in their chosen option or develop breadth in electrical engineering. Students may petition their advisor for course substitution within the option.

    Option 1
    General Electrical Engineering

    Option 2
    Computer Engineering

    Option 3
    Electromagnetic Engineering

    Option 4
    Communications and Control Engineering

    Option 5
    Solid State Devices and Materials

    Option 6
    Electronics Engineering

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