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    Dr. Howard C. Daudistel, Dean

    Dr. Mimi R. Gladstein, Associate Dean

    Dr. Evelyn Posey, Associate Dean

    Liberal Arts Bldg., 343
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  • Interdisciplinary Minors

    The College offers several interdisciplinary programs of study that can be pursued in conjunction with any major (except an interdisciplinary major). These minors require the completion of a minimum of 18 semester hours:

    The African American Studies Program offers students an interdisciplinary opportunity to examine the African American experience in detail. Specific requirements are listed under African American Studies.

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    The Asian and African Studies minor is a broad, interdisciplinary course of study for students interested in Asian and African cultures or in careers in international business, government service, international health, or in teaching overseas. The core courses are designed to encompass a study of both Asia and Africa (except for the specific area-oriented historical surveys).

    Students must take nine hours of courses from the following list that constitutes the core. At least three disciplines must be represented by the core courses. The remaining nine hours may be taken from the core courses not taken to satisfy the core requirement or from the list of optional courses. No more than nine hours may be taken from any one discipline. No more than six hours may be taken from a student's major area.

    Core Courses: ENGL 3215 , 3216 ; HIST 3330 , 3336 , 3337 , 3340 ; PHIL 3340 ; POLS 3336

    Optional Courses: MICR 3230 ; ZOOL 4364 ; ECON 3367 ; HIST 3324 , 3339 ; MGMT 3425 ; POLS 3455 ; HIST 3331 .

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    3.- CHICANO STUDIES The Chicano Studies minor offers students the choice of three options: Social Science, Humanities, and Interdisciplinary. Specific requirements may be found under Chicano Studies.

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    The minor in Humanities is offered through the Western Cultural Heritage Program. Specific requirements are listed under Western Cultural Heritage.

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    Minors are available in both Latin American Studies and in Border Studies; they provide a student with any other major the opportunity to take advantage of the University's rich resources in these areas. Specific requirements are listed in the Latin American Studies section.

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    The Military Studies minor is intended for students with an interest in the military as a social institution and in its policies and problems, not solely as reflected in formal military, air, or naval science instruction but, particularly, as illuminated by the social sciences and humanities.

    Students are required to complete a core course and to elect fifteen hours from among the optional courses. Not more than twelve hours of the optional courses may be selected from a single department; nor may a student elect courses from both Military Science and Aerospace Studies.

    Core Course: HIST 3313

    Optional Courses (15 hours): AS 3301 , 3302 , 3401 , 3402 ; HIST 3305 , 3307 , 3308 , 3311 , 3312 , 3321 , 3324 , 3369 , 3374 ; MS 3301 , 3302 , 3401 , 3402 ; POLS 3330 , 3332 , 3335 , 3430 , 3431 ; SOCI 3381 ; no more than one course from CS 3110 , 4101 , 4120 ; CIS 3215 , 3235 , 3345 , or HSCI 3302 .

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    The Religious Studies minor is designed to provide an interdisciplinary framework within which students can take courses that explore the nature of religion and its impact on human culture, past and present. Courses are academic and non-sectarian in nature. Specific course listings and requirements may be found under Religious Studies.

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    The Russian and Post-Communist Studies minor is a broad, interdisciplinary plan designed to help acquaint students from any major with the Post-Soviet and East European world. It is especially recommended for students who plan advanced study in Russian and Post-Communist fields at the graduate level or who plan careers in business, education, or government agencies dealing with Russia and Post-Communist countries.

    Core Courses: HIST 3332 or 3333 ; POLS 3432 or 3431 ; and one course chosen from RUSS 3301 , 3350 ; ENGL 3381 ,3382.

    Optional Courses: HIST 3202 , 3369 , or 3374 ; POLS 3441 ; RUSS 3320 ; SOCI 3341 ; GEOG 3110 .

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    The Translation and Interpretation Program is designed to provide qualified students with the opportunity to acquire skills in these fields. Translation Certificates in either Spanish or English or both will be awarded to those who pass professional level competency examinations. Consultation with the Program Coordinator is necessary for students to be admitted into the Program. Details of the Program are listed in the Languages and Linguistics section.

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    The Urban Studies minor is intended for students with an interest in urbanism as an institutional phenomenon and a social process. It is an appropriate supporting study for all humanities as well as social and behavioral science majors, and is particularly appropriate for students who are pursuing professions or vocations which are functionally dependent on urbanism.

    Students are required to complete all three of the core courses and to elect nine hours from among the optional courses. Including both core and optional courses, no more than six hours may be taken from any one discipline.

    Core Courses: ANTH 3315 , POLS 3311 , and SOCI 3303 .

    Optional Courses: POLS 3352 ; SOWK 3360 ; SOCI 3327 ; and, with the approval of the Urban Studies advisor, all special topics courses when the topic is related to urbanism.

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    The Women's Studies Program provides a broad, interdisciplinary minor in which students can take course work to specialize in issues of gender and/or women. Specific requirements are listed under Women's Studies.

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