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  • General Information
    1. University honors

    2. University Honors

  • Honors (HON)
  • Honors Contact Credit
  • Honors Transfer Credit
  • Honors Recognition at

    Honors House
    Hawthorne Street
    (Behind the Academic Services Building)

    Director: Lillian F. Mayberry, Ph.D.

  • Honors (HON)Courses

    3300 Honors Colloquium (3-0)

      Examination of a special topic or interdisciplinary area. May be repeated once for undergraduate credit as subject varies. Course approved for undergraduate or graduate credit.
    3495 Honors Senior Thesis 3496 Honors Senior Thesis
      Students will conduct an Honors Senior Project under the direction of a faculty member in their major department and report the findings, usually in thesis form. During the first semester (HON 3495), a prospectus prepared by the student describing the proposed project will be filed with the Honors office. The completed thesis will be defended orally (HON 3496).

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