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    Religious Studies

    COORDINATOR: Bruce Lawson
    Phone: (915) 747-7945
    E-mail: religion@utep.edu

    Minor in Religious Studies
    The Religious Studies Program is designed to provide an interdisciplinary framework within which students can take courses to explore the nature of religion and its impact upon human culture, past and present. Courses are academic in nature and non-sectarian.

    Students must complete 18 hours of courses approved by the Coordinator of Religious Studies, of which at least 12 must be at the upper-division level. Of the 18 hours, students must take 9 hours of core courses, selecting one course from each of the following categories:

    1. Introduction to Religious Studies: RS 1301 Introduction to Religious Studies
    2. World Religions: HIST 3331 History of Religion in the East, HIST 3359 History of Religion in the West, RS 3310 Major World Religions
    3. Nature of Religious Experience: PHIL 3322 Philosophy of Religion
    The remaining 9 hours of courses needed for the concentration may be selected from among core courses not taken to satisfy the core requirement, non-core courses (listed below), or other courses approved by the program's advisor. No more than six hours from a student's Major may be counted toward the Minor, and courses so counting may not be used to satisfy Major requirements.
    Non-Core Courses
    ARTH 1305 Art History of the Western World I
    GREK 1405 Koine Greek
    GREK 1406 Koine Greek
    HIST 3340 The Middle East and Islam
    HIST 3365 The Age of Reformation
    PHIL 3315 Medieval Philosophy
    PHIL 3340 Oriental Philosophy
    RS 3350 Special Topics in Religious Studies
    Religious Studies (RS)

    1301 Introduction to Religious Studies (3-0)
    An introduction to religious concepts, sociology, phenomena, and ideas; survey of world religions; exploration of the relationship between ethics and religion.

    3310 Major World Religions (3-0)
    Brief examination of the world's major religions, followed by an in-depth study of one religion, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, or Judaism. Course may be repeated for credit when main focus of the course varies.

    3350 Special Topics in Religious Studies (3-0)
    An advanced course in some aspect of Religious Studies. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.


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