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    School of Allied Health

    1. Department Information
    2. Program in Clinical Laboratory Sciences
    3. Program in Health Science
    4. Program in Kinesiology and Sports Studies
    5. Program in Occupational Therapy
    6. Program in Pharmacy
    7. Program in Physical Therapy
    8. Program in Speech-Language Pathology
    9. Clinical Laboratory Science (CLSC) Courses
    10. Health Siences (HSCI) Courses
    11. Kinesiology (KIN) Courses
    12. Physical Education Activity (PE) Courses
    13. Occupational Therapy (OT) Courses
    14. Speech - Language Phatology (SPLP) Courses

    Program in Kinesiology and Sports Studies

    PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Carl Eichstaedt, Interim Program Director
    E-mail: kin@utep.edu
    Phone: (915) 747-7245

    Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
    The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology requires (1) a General Education Core of 44 hours, (2) Kinesiology courses of 39-42 hours, (3) an 18-hour minor, and (4) 6 hours of upper-division electives. Students wishing to obtain a teaching certificate must select the Physical Education Concentration and the Education Minor. Students interested in a career in the adult fitness industry or in graduate study in exercise science, physical therapy, or similar fields should select the Exercise Science Concentration. Students wishing to work in sports management or administration should select the Sports Management Concentration and the Business Minor.

    Students who already have a bachelor's degree in some other field and who wish to pursue a teaching certificate to teach physical education should refer to the College of Education section of the catalog. Students desiring to pursue a Master of Science in Kinesiology should consult the Graduate Catalog.

    Those students pursuing a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree who wish to specialize in Kinesiology are referred to the College of Education section of this catalog for specific requirements.

    1. General Requirements
      1. University Core Requirements (44 hours)
        1. Communication (9 hours)
          1. English composition (6 hours)
            1. For students whose secondary education was in English ENGL 1311
              ENGL 1312
            2. For students whose secondary education was not in English ESOL 1311
              ESOL 1312
          2. Speech (3 hours)
            COMM 1301 or COMM 1302
        2. Mathematics (3 hours) MATH 1320 or MATH 1508
        3. Natural Sciences (8 hours) BIOL 1305, 1107
          BIOL 1306, 1108
        4. Humanities (3 hours) (Selected from menu)
        5. Visual and Performing Arts (3 hours) (Selected from menu)
        6. United States History (6 hours)
          HIST 1301
          HIST 1302
        7. Political Science (6 hours)
          POLS 2310
          POLS 2311
        8. Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 hours)
          (Selected from menu)
        9. Institutionally Designated Option (3 hours)
          (Selected from menu)
      2. Kinesiology Program Prerequisites (14 hours)
        BIOL 2311, 2111
        BIOL 2313, 2113
        HSCI 2302
        HSCI 3302 or EDT 3371
    2. Kinesiology - Major Core Requirements (24 hours)
      KIN 1303 Foundations of Kinesiology
      KIN 2332 Motor Learning and Control
      KIN 3313 Statistics and Measurement in Kinesiology
      KIN 3331 Anatomical Kinesiology
      KIN 4312 Exercise Physiology
      KIN 4313 Biomechanics
      KIN 4314 Special Populations
      KIN 4330 Fitness Programs
      1. Additional courses required for the Physical Education Concentration (Teaching Plan) (15 hours)
        KIN 3202 Development Gymnastics
        KIN 3204 Dance
        Either KIN 4309 Sports Activity Injuries or HSCI 2309 First Aid and Safety
        Plus a total of 4 additional courses taken from Groups A and B with at least 1 from each group.

        Group A

        KIN 3201 Racquet Sports
        KIN 3203 Track and Field
        KIN 3207 Aquatics
        KIN 4222 Outdoor Education and Survival Skills

        Group B

        KIN 3205 Basketball
        KIN 3206 Football
        KIN 3209 Soccer
        KIN 3210 Baseball/Softball
        KIN 3211 Volleyball

      2. Additional courses required for the Exercise Science Concentration (Non-Teaching Plan)
        (15 hours)

        KIN 4323 Current Issues in Biomechanics
        KIN 4334 Coronary Intervention Programs
        KIN 4332 Advanced Motor Learning and Control
        Plus 6 hours selected from among the following courses:
        KIN 4207 Therapeutic Exercise
        KIN 4309 Sports Activity Injuries or HSCI 2309 First Aid and Safety Practices
        HSCI 2309 Wellness Dynamics
        KIN 4350 Internship
        Or any courses from Groups A and B in the Physical Education Concentration.

      3. Additional courses required for the Sports Management Concentration (Non-Teaching Plan) (15 hours)

        KIN 4325 Sports Management
        KIN 4650 Internship in Sports Administration
        Plus 6 hours from Groups A & B in the Physical Education Concentration.

      4. Additional courses required for the Athletic Training Concentration (Non-Teaching Plan) (15 hours) KIN 2316 Athletic Training Practicum I
        KIN 3316 Athletic Training Practicum II
        KIN 4309 Sports Activity Injuries, Training, and Emergency Care
        KIN 4315 Advanced Athletic Training
        KIN 4316 Athletic Training Practicum III
    3. Minor (18 hours) Students may select an approved minor in another field with consultation from a faculty advisor.

      The Education Minor, required for students seeking teaching certification, consists of the following courses:
      KIN 4319, KIN 4321, EDPC 3300, SCED 3317, TED 4698

      The Business Minor, required for students in the Sports Management Concentration, consists of the following courses:
      CIS 2300 and 15 hours from the following:
      BLAW 3301, MKT 3300, MGMT 3303, FIN 3310, CIS 3345, ECON 3320,
      ACCT 2301 or ACCT 3309, and ECON 2304 (which fulfills the Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement)

      The Athletic Training Minor consists of the following courses:
      HSCI 2302, KIN 2316, KIN 3316, KIN 4309, KIN 4315, KIN 4316

      Certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation is also required. Students should consult with athletic training personnel regarding entry into the program and practicum hours required for state and national certification.

      The Kinesiology Minor (not available to students majoring in Kinesiology) consists of the following courses and totals 18 hours:
      KIN 1303 and at least 9 hours selected from among the following courses:
      KIN 3313, KIN 3331, KIN 4309, KIN 4312, KIN 4313, KIN 4314, KIN 4330,
      KIN 4315, with additional courses selected from among the following courses:
      KIN 3232, KIN 3201, KIN 3202, KIN 3203, KIN 3204, KIN 3205, KIN 3206,
      KIN 3207, KIN 3209, KIN 3210, KIN 3211, KIN 4319, KIN 4321.

    4. Electives (6 hours) Students must complete 6 hours of upper-division electives as a part of the degree program. Students working towards teacher certification must complete RED 3342.
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