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Bird and Mammal Collections


The collections of avian and mammalian material at UTEP comprise about 2825 and 8450 prepared specimens, respectively. All collection data are computerized, and the mammal collection meets the minimum standards suggested by the American Society of Mammalogists. Arthur H. Harris has been in charge of these collections since 1965, except for a 7-year period (1977-83) in which Richard A. Smartt served as curator and since October of 2000 when Scott Cutler took over as Curator of Ornithology.

Since their initial organization, much of the emphasis in building the higher vertebrate holdings has been in the acquisition of skeletal material along with the more traditional skin-skull/study skin specimens. As a result, significant collections of post-cranial osteological material have accrued.

Geographic coverage of the mammalian material is largely restricted to the southwestern United States and is especially thorough for southern New Mexico and the El Paso vicinity. The avian material with reliable locality data is mostly from the United States, but there is also a significant component of exotic or native taxa with inadequate collection data.

Checklists of El Paso Region birds and mammals are available.


Last Update: 10 Aug 2012