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Kelly Canyon

NM: Sierra Co.: 33° 01' N, 107° 18' W, ~1340 m.


Location of the Kelly Canyon site.Age. Late Blancan (Morgan et al. 2011).

General Description. Roadcut on U.S. hwy. 85/NM state hwy.187, about 1 km west of Caballo Lake, 6 km south of Palomas Creek, and 5 km north of Caballo (Morgan et al. 2011).

Discussion. According to Morgan et al. (2011), the fauna and sediments point to deposition in a quiet freshwater environment. Not listed below are bony fish representing several species otherwise unidentified. Morgan et al. (2011) note that the Kelly Canyon site has a particularly rich avifauna, but the only ducks of the family Anatidae are mentioned.


Ambystoma sp.—Mole Salamanders (Morgan et al. 2011)
Lithobates sp.—Leopard Frogs (Morgan et al. 2011: as Rana sp.)
Ondatra idahoensis—Idaho Muskrat (Morgan et al. 2011)
Neotoma sp.—Woodrat (Morgan et al. 2011)
Equus sp.—Horse (Morgan et al. 2011)

Literature. Morgan et al. 2011 .


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