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Navajo Lake

NM: San Juan Co.: 36°58'N, 107°27'W; 1829 m.


Location of the Navajo Lake site.Age. Late Wisconsin, with a radiocarbon date of 12,060±1789 BP on a humerus of Platygonus compressus (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

Discussion. This site has been known as the Oven Site, but has been changed to avoid any confusion with the archaeological site of that name (Morgan and Lucas 2005).


Canis dirus—Dire Wolf (Morgan and Lucas 2005)
Platygonus compressus—Flat-headed Peccary (Morgan and Lucas 2005)
Antilocapra—Pronghorn (Morgan and Lucas 2005) (cf.)
Bison sp.—Bison (Morgan and Lucas 2005)

Literature. Lucas and Smartt 1995; Morgan and Lucas 2005.


Last Update: 24 Oct 2008