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Western Mobile Gravel Pit

NM: Sandoval Co.: 35°20'N, 106°31'W; 1579 m.


Location of the Western Mobile Gravel Pit site.Age. Early Irvingtonian (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

General Description. About 3 km northeast of Bernalillo, almost certainly from the Sierra Ladrones Formation (Morgan and Lucas 2003).

Discussion. The site includes one of the northernmost occurrences of Glyptotherium in North America (Morgan and Lucas 2003).


Proboscidea—Proboscidean (Morgan and Lucas 2003)
Glyptotherium arizonae—Arizona Glyptodont (Morgan and Lucas 2003)

Literature. Morgan and Lucas 2003, 2005.


Last Update: 2 Nov 2008