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Southern California Sites

The foundational sources for Californian records are Jefferson 1991a, Jefferson 1991b, and an updated checklist supplied by Jefferson (2014); the presentation of sites is taken largely from those sources.

Los Angeles County has an enormous number of sites, mostly in the greater Los Angeles region. These have been presented alphabetically (within ages) under several links entitled "Los Angeles County", with the titles indicating the letters of the alphabet contained within the link. A few Los Angeles County sites, including Rancho La Brea, are given separately. Several unlocated sites have been consolidated under "Riverside County Unlocated.

Hopefully, the majority of southern California records have now been recorded, though undoubtedly more will emerge through time. Alerts will be noted in the updates section.

Map of pertinent California counties.

Sites under the Los Angeles links are underlined in the taxon accounts.

17th Street between Broadway
and C Streets, San Diego

Algodones Dunes

Anacapa Island

Antelope Cave

Anza-Borrego Desert

Arbogast Ranch


Arlington Canyon, Santa Rosa Island

Arvin Landfill

Awl Site

Bakersfield Canal Cutting

Ballast Point, San Diego

Bautista Badlands


Bedford Properties

Bedford Road, Harvard Hill

Big Bear Cutoff, Hesperia

Big Sky Ranch

Bitter Springs Playa

Black Butte

Bodfish, Lake Isabella

Bolsa Chica

Bonito Creek

Bow Willow

Brea Canyon

BrightSource Rio Mesa, Blythe

Broadwell Lake East

Broadwell Lake West

Cadiz, Fenner Valley

Calico Lakes

Calico Road


Camarillo Hills

Camarillo, Las Posas Estates

Campbell Hill

Carbon Canyon

Carlsbad, Robertson Ranch


Carizzo Plains School

Carlsbad, Robertson Ranch

Carr Ranch

Carrington Point, Santa Rosa Island

Central Park West, Irvine

Century City

Champagne. Pomona Valley

China Lake


Chino Hills

Chino Hills, Harvest Development

Chorro Creek

Clay Mine Road


Coachella Canal 1

Coachella Canal 2

Conception Station

Conejo Valley

Cool Water 1

Cool Water 2

Corona, California

Coronado Beach, San Diego

Corralitos Canyon

Costain Homes

Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa Santa Isabel

Costeau Pit

Coyote Lake

Creston Mammoth Site

Dana Point

Danby Lake

Desert Sunlight Project, Desert Center

Diamond Valley

Dove Springs Megafauna Loc.

Dove Springs Wash

Eagle Crest, Bakersfield


Edwards Air Force Base

El Evado Edison Road, Victorville

Elsinore Fault Zone

Emery Borrow Pit

Eureka Street, Victorville

Fairbanks Ranch

Fairbanks Ranch South

Falling Arches

Flowing Wells no. 3, East Mesa

Flowing Wells no. 10, East Mesa

Forster Ranch, San Clemente

Fort Irwin



Garanon Canyon

Gaviota Pass

General MacArthur Blvd

Glasell and Fletcher, Orange

Glen Abbey, Bonita

Goldfish Point, La Jolla

Goler Gulch


Gypsum Ridge


Hicks Canyon

Haiwee Reservoir


Hoffman Road


Hope Ranch

Huntington Beach

Imperial Beach, Palm City

Imperial Highway

Irish Canyon

Isla Vista

Jack Rabbit Trail Gravel Pit

Jalama State Park

Kelly Pits

Kingston Wash

Kokoweef Cave


Laguna Beach

Laguna Hills

Laguna Niguel

La Jolla Shores

Lake Manix

Lake Rogers

Lake View Hot Spring

La Mirada, Coyote Creek

Las Posas Hills

Leon, Victorville

Lincoln Ave., Playa Del Rey

Long Canyon

Los Alamos

Los Angeles County A-D

Los Angeles County E-M

Los Angeles County N-Z

Ludlow Cave

Luz Foundation, Daggett

Luz Solar Trough Site, Daggett




Mescal Cave

Midway Drive-in

Miles Avenue Bridge

Mitchell Caverns

Mojave River Bluffs


Morena Blvd., Mission Bay, San Diego

Moreno Valley

Morongo Grade, Morongo Valley

Mount Signal

Mountain View Country Club

National City

National City West

Naval Fuel Reserve Quarry

Naval Housing Unit

Newberry Cave

Newport Bay Mesa

Newport Beach



Oceanview High School

Old Spring

Oso Creek, Mission Viejo

Pacific City, Huntington Beach


Pala Mesa

Palo Verde Mesa

Park Place, Irvine

Pauba Mesa

Pecho Creek 5802

Pecho Creek 5831


Pierpoint Bay

Pinto Basin, Joshua Tree National Monument

Piute Ponds, Lake Thompson

Piute Valley

Point Sal

Poso Creek

Rabbit Springs

Rancho California

Rancho Del Oro

Rancho La Brea

Red Hill

Red Tail Peak Midden


Riverside County Unlocated

Rockwell-Colson Site

Rosamond Boulevard

Rubidoux, Santa Ana River

Salinas River Sand Site

Salt Creek, California


Salton City South

Salt Springs

San Buenaventura

San Clemente

San Clemente Island

San Clemente State Beach


San Felipe Hills

San Juan Capistrano

San Miguel

San Miguel Island

San Nicolas Island

San Nicolas Island 1

San Pedro Lumber Company

San Pedro Lumber Yard

San Timoteo Badlands

Santa Barbara Island

Santa Maria Oil Spring

Santa Paula

Schuiling Cave

Scripps Institute

Seal Beach

Shea Homes, Laguna Niguel

Shoshone Zoo

Silver Lake

Siphon 11

Solano Beach

Solar One

Stevens Lake

St. Vincent de Paul

Sulphur Creek Reservoir, Laguna Niguel

Sun-Cal Olinda Heights

Sunset Beach

Surprise Springs

Tecopa Basin

Tecopa Lake Beds

Thompson Sand Pit


Tonner Canyon


The Lakes

Tijuana River Valley

Tower EP 353

Torrey Pines Beach State Park

Tsuma Property, San Clemente

Tunnel Ridge Midden

Turner Springs

United Energy

Viscaino Point, San Nicolas Island

Vallecito Creek

Valley Wells

Village Drive

Wanis View Estates, Oceanside

Warner Hot Springs

West Coyote Oil Field

West End, San Nicolas Island

Whipple Mountains


Zuma Creek, Point Dune


Last Update: 28 May 2015