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Gospel Explosion- A Celebration of Women

Last Updated on Fri Mar 02 16:16:05 MST 2018

Originally published Fri Mar 02 16:16:05 MST 2018

By lfmartinez6

UTEP Communications

The free event uses artistic expressions of song, dance and spoken word to unite society.

Gospel Explosion 2018
Gospel Explosion 2018

It also raises awareness of the rich historical layers that led to the creation of gospel music, which has influenced music for generations.

“Gospel music has been and remains an important part of the African-American religious tradition and the struggle for civil and human rights,” said Michael Williams, director of UTEP's African American Studies program. “... Through voice and artistic representations, those attending will get an opportunity to see, hear and feel the power that gospel music has to inspire and the means by which art and cultural expression speak truth to power.”

Dedicated to Dr. Maceo C. Dailey.