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Class Osteichthyes
Order Gasterosteiformes
Family Gasterosteidae


Regional Pleistocene distribution of Gasterosteus sp.Gasterosteus sp.—Sticklebacks


Rancholabrean: Piute Ponds (Jefferson 2014).

Late Pleistocene: Wanis View (Jefferson 2014)

Literature. Jefferson 2014.


Regional Pleistocene distribution of Gasterosteus aculeataGasterosteus aculeatus Linnaeus 1758—Three-spined Stickleback

Most populations of this fish live in oceanic waters but breed in brackish or freshwater; some populations, however, live entirely in freshwater. Occurrence generally is north of about 40° N latitude.


Irvingtonian: Bautista Badlands (Bell 1973).

Irvingtonian/Rancholabrean: Bedford Properties (Jefferson 1991a); Manix Lake (Jefferson 1991a).

?Rancholabrean: Tower EP 353 (Jefferson 2014).

Rancholabrean: Cool Water Coal Gasification Solid Waste Site (Jefferson 1991a).

Sangamon: Naval Housing Unit (Jefferson 1991a); San Pedro Lumber Co. (Jefferson 1991a).

Wisconsin: Coyote Lake (Jefferson 1991a).

Mid Wisconsin: Pacific City (Wake and Roeder 2009); Rancho La Brea (Swift 1989).

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Last Update: 30 Oct 2019