Checklist of Mammals of El Paso County


This checklist is based on publications and theses listed in the References section and on specimens within the research collections of the Laboratory for Environmental Biology. Taxonomic names follow Frey (2004).

Species that historically occurred in the region or are currently in the region but are unrepresented by specimens are marked by one asterisk. Non-native species that appear to have breeding populations established are marked by two asterisks.

Because of the length of the checklist, it is divided into three sections accessible from the menu at left.

Identification keys for the mammals of the northern Chihuahuan Desert Region are now available at the UTEP Biodiversity Collections website, but require some familiarity with mammalian terminology and often depend on having access to skull characters. The glossary at that site will help with the terminology.


Date of Last Update: 30 Aug 2012