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Dr. Eli Greenbaum assumed the position of Director as of May 2011.

Scott M. Cutler is curator of Ornithology. e-mail:

Arthur H. Harris is curator of the Mammal and Paleobiology collections. e-mail:

Carl S. Lieb is Co-Curator (with Robert G. Webb) of the Herpetology Collection. e-mail:

William Mackay, together with Richard D. Worthington, curates the Entomology Collection. e-mail:

Robert G. Webb is Co-Curator (with Carl S. Lieb) of Herpetology. e-mail:

Richard D. Worthington is Curator of the Herbarium and also works with the Entomology Collection. e-mail:

Until recently, Dr. Artie L. Metcalf, Professor Emeritus, was Curator of the Malacology Collection. He since has retired to Kansas, and curation of the collection is shared by the other curators.


Last Update: 10 Aug 2012