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Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Family indet.


Felidae/Ursidae—Large Cat or Large BearRegional Pleistocene distribution of Panthera atrox/Arctodus simus

Three views of an unidentified large carnivore phalanxA proximal phalanx of a large carnivore was recovered from Mid Wisconsin sediments of Pendejo Cave (Fig. 1). Attempts to narrow the identification beyond that of a large cat or a large bear have been unsuccessful. The specimen was examined by Elaine Anderson. Her complete response (in litt.) was:

Large carnivore. Proximal phalanx. It is similar to jaguar but much larger. Slightly larger than tiger and lacks midshaft constriction. Resembles black bear but much larger (our grizzlies lack toes!). Chris Shaw at the Page Museum might have something comparable. Elaine.

Likely either Panthera atrox or Arctodus simus is represented (Harris 2003).

Fig. 1. Dorsal, lateral, and ventral views of the proximal phalanx of a large carnivore (9366-G-775.1). Rodent gnawings are prominent. Scale in mm.

Sites. Mid Wisconsin: Pendejo Cave (Harris 2003).


Harris 2003.


Last Update: 11 Mar 2013