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Changes, August through October 2014


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 Aug and 31 Oct 2014.

6 Aug: Continuing to go through for typos, etc. Distribution map for Mylohyus sp. added.

11 Aug: Baja California sites added. Also, the faunal list from the "El Fin del Mundo" site is added to.

31 Aug: The last several weeks have been in preparing a pdf of the web site for publication (now available on Research Gate and shortly on the Harris publication page of the UTEP Biodiversity Collections site (

4 Sep: Roswell added to the Gopherus morafkai and Roswell accounts. The Denton Ranch Equus is changed to Equus niobrarensis (as part of the E. scotti account.

6 Oct: Opheodrys aestivus got left out (Fowlkes Cave). Have corrected.

7 Oct: Thamnophis marcianus added to Reptilia Index (omitted earlier).


Last Update: 7 Oct 2014