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Department of Theatre, Dance presents Chicana/Latina Theatre Series

Last Updated on May 18, 2018 at 3:00 PM

Originally published May 18, 2018

By UC Staff

UTEP Communications

The UTEP Department of Theatre and Dance will put on a three-day theater series featuring Chicana and Latina works.


The mission of the series is to honor and celebrate the rich culture of the El Paso/Juárez/Las Cruces Borderplex. Organizers hope to provide the community with rich, connected theater that speaks to the past, present and future of the region. Through performances, play development and outreach, the Chicana/Latina Theatre Series celebrates and cultivates the border culture through performance.

Admission is free but donations are strongly encouraged. The donations will benefit the student scholarship fund.

The featured performance, “Just Like Us,” will be performed but UTEP students. “Just Like Us” tells the story of four high school students whose parents entered the United States illegally from Mexico. The audience meets the girls on the eve of their senior prom in Denver. All four of the girls have grown up in the United States and all four would like to live the American dream, but only two have documents. As the girls attempt to make it into college, they discover that only the legal pair sees a clear path forward. Their friendships start to divide along lines of immigration status.