Accounting and Information Systems Department

Welcome to the Department of Accounting and Information Systems homepage. We are committed to providing quality education, intellectual contributions, and service to El Paso and the West Texas region. The faculty and staff are committed to the two ideals of access and excellence. We aspire to act as an educational leader and model in Texas accounting and information systems education through the use of continuous improvement processes to ensure our graduates obtain the best possible education to be competitive in the global marketplace.

The Department offers BBA degrees in Accounting and Information Systems, a Master of Accountancy degree and a Certificate of Accountancy, and participates in the College’s Ph.D. in International Business. The College is accredited by AACSB International and the accounting programs hold separate accreditation by AACSB International. In the Accounting field, the Department offers courses in Financial, Managerial, Cost, Federal Income Tax, Accounting Information Systems, and Auditing. In the Information Systems field, the Department offers courses in Management Information Systems, Computer Programming, Database Management, e-commerce, Expert Systems, and Information Security. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our programs, faculty or the University.


Dr. Giorgio Gotti,
Department Chair


Congratulations to Laura Treviño, who was named to PhD Project Hall of Fame for her lifetime of contributions to her students, university, and profession.


Congratulations to Giorgio Gotti, who was awarded the Journal of International Accounting Research (JIAR) Best Paper Award, in recognition of the best paper published in JIAR during the past five years. His article is titled “Classification Shifting in an International Setting: Investor Protection and Financial Analysts Monitoring.”


AITP Dinner with the Dean, with Troy Markusson, Senior Director for Services and Operations at ADP. Also pictured are Dr. Laura Treviño, Dr. Sid Glandon, Dean Nachtmann, and student members of the Association of Information Technology Professionals.

From the Archives: Notable Achievements by Accounting Faculty

Bubbles, Human Judgment, and Expert Opinion (2002), Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller cites the work of Beach, Lee Roy, and Gary P. Braun. 1994. "Laboratory Studies of Subjective Probability: A Status Report." In Subjective Probability. Edited by George Wright and Peter Ayton. New York: Wiley.