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    The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) commits itself to providing quality higher education to a diverse student population. The University aims to extend the greatest possible educational access to a region which has been geographically isolated with limited economic and educational opportunities for many of its people. UTEP will ensure that all of its graduates obtain the best education possible, one which is equal, and in some respects superior, to that of other institutions so that UTEP's graduates will be competitive in the global market place.

    UTEP also envisions using its binational location to create and maintain multicultural, inter-American educational and research collaborations among students, faculty, institutions and industries, especially in northern Mexico.

    Through the accomplishment of its mission and goals via continuous improvement, UTEP aspires to be a model of educational leadership in a changing economic, technological, and social environment. The UTEP community-faculty, students, staff and administrator commits itself to the two ideals of excellence and access. In addition, it accepts a strict standard of accountability for UTEP's institutional effectiveness as the University educates students who will be the leaders of the 21st Century.

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