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    The Academic Development Center, located on the second floor of the Education Building, was instituted in 1989 as a part of UTEP's implementation of the Texas Academic Skills Program. For students who are either unprepared to pass the Texas Academic Skills Program test or, regardless of TASP status, are unprepared for college-level courses, the Center offers developmental courses in reading/writing and mathematics. Students placed into these courses are required to complete them successfully before taking other courses in the same subject.

    The Academic Development Center's instructional staff and peer tutors work with nearly 3,000 students each year. Four computer laboratories are available for use by students in course work and individual tutoring and study.

    Disabled Student Services Office (DSSO) assists students with both permanent and temporary disabilities by determining the type of accommodations needed by the student in the classroom or within the university to make the classrooms/campus accessible. This office provides note takers, readers, scribes, alternate testing format, sign language interpreters, use of assistive technology, and advocacy between students and faculty/staff. The office is located in Room 106 Union East.

    Office of International Programs serves as a source of information and assistance for international students and scholars at UTEP and for U.S. students considering work, study or travel abroad. The office provides international students with financial, immigration, cross-cultural and personal advice and assistance. International scholars on short-term teaching or research programs also receive assistance with immigration matters. For U.S. students, the office provides counseling on Study Abroad opportunities, and offers the Study Abroad Scholarship. The office is located in Room 203 Union East.

    The Office of the Registrar provides administrative support to the University. In addition to publishing the University catalog and Class Schedule, maintenance of the academic calendar, and scheduling all classrooms for all academic and non-academic activities, this office is also responsible for the Records and Veterans Affairs offices. The office is located in the Academic Services Building, Room 103. The office telephone number is (915)747-5550, or e-mail; registrar@utep.edu.

    The Records Office is part of the Office of the Registrar and is responsible for all registration and course add/drops transactions; maintenance of student records; distribution of grade mailers to students; processing of enrollment certifications; transcript requests; graduation applications and diplomas; and student identification cards. The office is located in the Academic Services Building, Room 105. The office telephone number is (915)747-5544, or e-mail; records@utep.edu.

    The Department of Student Assessment and Testing provides a wide array of testing services for admissions, professional certification, course placement, and credit by examination purposes. Institutional administrations of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are offered throughout the year; scores may be considered only by UTEP. Additionally, the department conducts research and evaluation activities aimed at identifying and measuring the effects of the university experience on our students.

    The Tutoring and Learning Center helps students improve general competency and performance in their academic subjects through a variety of non-credit programs, including TASP preparation, that are free to students enrolled at the University. The office is located in the UTEP Library, 3rd Floor. For further details refer to the Academic Support section in this catalog.

    The Veterans Affairs Office is a part of the Office of the Registrar and serves the needs of student veterans receiving VA educational benefits. The office is responsible for creating and maintaining records that are used for certification of a student's status to the Veterans Administration. The office is located in the Academic Services Building, Room 107. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. The office telephone number is (915) 747-5342, or email: veterans@utep.edu.

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