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    5.- Career and Professional Development Services

    Career Services, also known as The Career Connection, provides assistance to students in finding permanent employment after graduation and part-time employment while enrolled.

    Career Services sponsors CIRCUS (Career Information Resource Center for UTEP Students), a resource library that houses information on employers, government agencies, school districts, graduate schools, career choices, internships, and job search preparation in print and on videotape. Materials of interest to women, minorities, and disabled students are included. Many publications on current job trends and careers are available. The computerized career guidance program GIS is also located in CIRCUS (The Union 114 West, 915-747-5978).

    Career Services also provides career counseling and advises students on resume preparation, interviewing skills and future job opportunities. The office arranges interviews with agencies, organizations, or schools and counsels students on the best approach to identify and contact prospective employers. The office provides forms, applications and literature necessary for interviews.

    A Resume Review Drop-in Clinic is available in Career Services as well as opportunities for mock interviews. The department sponsors a variety of career and job fairs held on campus.

    For permanent employment, companies from all over the United States, as well as locally, schedule interviews during the months of October, November, December, February, March and April. The office works with hundreds of applicants and thousands of job opportunities each year by arranging for on-campus interviews and referring resumes. This service can save time, minimize effort and, in the final analysis, help students plan for the future. After having attended a Professional Employment Orientation, seniors and alumni can participate in on-campus interviewing or have their resume referred for the purpose of finding permanent employment in their chosen field. Many interviews are conducted through interactive video conferencing. Seniors interested in permanent employment after graduation should register at least a full year prior to receiving their degree.

    Part-time job opportunities are posted on the Career Services web page. After filling out the proper application, students can check on jobs and obtain a referral. The requirements for consideration for part-time campus employment are met with an application along with proof of enrollment.

    The University has a Cooperative Education Program (CO-OP) which has been established with industries and government agencies. Students who are in the program usually attend school for a semester and then serve on a work assignment for a semester, alternating the school and work phase until graduation. Summers are considered a semester for CO-OP purposes. A parallel program, school part of the day and work part of the day, is available.

    Internships in both technical and non-technical positions are offered. The Career Services utilizes the latest in computer and interactive technology to provide students with the broadest access possible to career opportunities. Career Services is located in the Union 103 West. Web Address - http://www.utep.edu/careers.

    The Division of Professional and Continuing Education serves three purposes:

    1. To offer non-credit short courses and programs to answer community needs for education or training outside the regular channels of instruction. Although college credit is not granted for such work, certificates are issued from the University upon completion. Continuing Education Units are awarded for courses meeting specific requirements.
    2. To coordinate and administer conferences, seminars, symposia, special educational programs, etc., initiated by academic units, faculty and other organizations primarily for non- university personnel and agencies. Activities may result in the award of academic credit or Continuing Education Units for programs meeting specified requirements.
    3. To conduct intensive professional continuing education for executives, professionals, and their staff members through a variety of workshops, seminars, conferences, and short courses. These are designed to provide updating and new skills development and may be directed toward individual growth, organizational effectiveness, or licensing/ certification needs.

    Sessions vary in length and are taught by instructors selected for their expertise in subject area, related work experience, and demonstrated ability to have successfully conducted similar sessions. They may be college or university faculty members, practitioners from the community, or nationally and internationally recognized talent.

    Many of the programs are available in Spanish, and most may be customized for a particular group. In-house presentations can be designed to meet special needs or situations, and may be held at the Division or on-site.

    The English Language Institute is a program of the Division of Professional and Continuing Education. It serves the following purpose: To offer intensive English courses and programs designed to meet the needs of non-English speakers for success on the TOEFL, gain academic experience in higher education and utilize English for professional and personal purposes. Certificates are issued upon satisfactory completion.

    The Division is committed to lifelong learning. It serves to link the community to the educational resources needed to grow or keep current and updated.

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