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  • Introduction
  • Undergraduate Degree
    and Teaching

  • Certification for
    Candidates Who Have
    Completed a
    Bachelor's Degree

  • Admission to Teacher

  • Field-Based Teacher

  • Application for
    Graduation and/or
  • Elementary and
    Middle school

  • Secondary School

  • All-Levels

  • Endorsements


  • Educational
    Leadership and

  • Educational
    Psychology and
    Special Services

  • Teacher Education

    Dr. Arturo Pacheco, Dean
    Dr. Thomas A. Wood, Associate Dean
    Dr. Josefina Tinajero, Assistant Dean
    Education Bldg,
    Room 414
    Phone: (915) 747-5572
    Fax: (915) 747-5755

  • Admission to Teacher Education

    Undergraduate students who wish to become elementary, middle school, secondary, or Secondary School Teachers in Texas should have an unofficial degree and certification plan prepared as soon as possible. This plan will become official once the student has fulfilled all the requirements for admission to Teacher education. A copy of the plan must be filed in the Student Services Office of the College of Education, Education 412. To be admitted to Teacher education, students must fulfill the following criteria:

    1. English 3111 and 3112 and Communication 3101 with grades of "C" or better in each course.
    2. Mathematics 3120 , 4109 , 4110 , 4111 , or higher level math with a grade of "C" or better.
    3. The Texas Academic Skills Program (TASP) test with passing scores on each of the test areas. To register, contact the Testing and Student Assessment Center, Education 210.
    4. Completion of 60 semester hours of college work, with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 or better.
    5. An unofficial degree and/or certification plan filed with the Certification Office.
    6. Teacher Education (TED) 1201 Orientation to Education.
    7. Biographical information and three letters of professional recommendation, at least one of which will be a professional reference from a high school or college Teacher, filed in the Certification Office.
    (Note: To receive initial Texas Teacher certification, students must be free of felony convictions.)

    Until admitted to Teacher education, students indicating intent to become Teachers will be classified as Pre-education students. Pre-education students are not permitted to enroll in Bilingual Education (BED), Early Childhood Education (ECED), Elementary Education (ELED), Mathematics Education (MTED), Reading Education (RED), Science Education (SIED), Secondary Education (SCED), Social Science Education (SOSC), or Special Education (SPED) courses with the following exceptions: TED 1201 , TED 3450 , EDT 3371 , and EDPC 3450 .

    According to University policy, students must remain in good standing to progress toward the completion of a degree Program (see the appropriate catalog section under Academic Standards). In addition, irrespective of other factors, students may be prohibited from enrolling in Professional Education courses if, once due process has been provided, their suitability for the teaching profession is found to be unacceptable.

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